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Anyone here familiar with rotary cutters? (sewing & craft)

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MaryTheBookeeper Sun 21-Jun-20 16:18:41

I recently bought a Fiskars rotary cutter. I'm cutting upholstery weight fabric with it. It worked a treat for two days & is now blunt. I then bought a 'universal' rotary blade shapener which is nothing of the kind as Fiskars blades aren't compatible. I then bought a hobbycraft rotary blade cutter which lastest precisely half a day before going blunt. Barely any cutting done at all. The hobbycraft blade can go in the sharpener but I reckon the sharpener is pants as doing 20 passes on each side of the blade makes no difference. I really need a rotary blade for this particular job. How do you sharpen your blades? What sharpening method do you use?

MaryTheBookeeper Sun 21-Jun-20 16:21:12

For the record, I was only cutting one thickness at a time.

Auntieflo Sun 21-Jun-20 16:24:17

Thank you MaryThe Bookeeper

I shall watch this thread with interest, as I was considering buying one.
The Sewing Bee sewers, seem to use them, with ease.

SuzannahM Sun 21-Jun-20 16:31:51

Oooer...I shall watch too.

I just bought one at Hobbycraft (this morning!) after watching the Sewing Bee and thinking they looked so much easier than my shears. I did see they had packs of blades but thought I wouldn't need any that quickly so didn't buy any.

Back to my shears maybe sad

Alima Sun 21-Jun-20 16:32:27

I hadn’t heard of them till very recently watching videos of rotary cutters being used when making face masks. Could come in very handy.

J52 Sun 21-Jun-20 16:42:21

If your using one to cut out dress pieces, like on the GBSB, you need a very large self healing cutting mat.
If you don’t use one and cut on board your cutter will become blunt.

Maybelle Sun 21-Jun-20 16:54:16

I have used a rotary cutter for years very successfully. But I agree with J52 that you need to use them with a self healing cutting mat. Otherwise they go blunt so quickly.
And be very careful when cutting as the blade will cut you quite deeply if you get your hand in the way. I shudder when watch some on GBSB use their rotary cutters.

ginny Sun 21-Jun-20 17:15:47

Same as Maybelle.

Ilovecheese Sun 21-Jun-20 17:40:26

Agree with Maybelle I use a rotary cuter with a ruler and a cutting mat for patchwork, The self healing cutting mat is absolutely essential.
I have tried to sharpen the blades but have never found a successful method so tend to just keep buying new blades.

I use the rotary cutter for patchwork, but revert to scissors for dressmaking, as I find them easier when cutting curves.

Nannytopsy Sun 21-Jun-20 17:46:48

I use one for patchwork and it will cut several layers at a time. I always use a cutting mat and have had the same blade for several years.

Beechnut Sun 21-Jun-20 17:47:20

I’m another person who doesn’t seem to get on with them. On Sewing Bee it looks effortless so I will welcome all tips given.

sf101 Sun 21-Jun-20 18:07:22

I've used a fiskars for years. The heaviest fabric I've cut with it is denim, curtain and heavy plush fabrics. It cuts like a dream and I just replace the blade when it gets a nick in it or seems blunt.

Doodle Sun 21-Jun-20 21:01:22

I use a cutting mat too. Are you using one mary if not that could well be the reason for your problem

MaryTheBookeeper Sun 21-Jun-20 21:34:08

I have a self-healing cutting mat. This afternoon I gave in & ordered a new titanium blade. Lets see how that compares..

Chardy Sun 21-Jun-20 22:46:28

I started using one when I went to quilting class, where they used a cutter on a mat (I assumed for measuring). I bought them both at an independent fabric shop. Not had a problem with it becoming rapidly blunt.

(They seem to all use them on GBSewing Bee)

Txquiltz Sun 21-Jun-20 23:31:39

I have used several sharpeners...all were substandard in performance. Finally, I realized how much my rotary cutter meant in guaranteeing good results so I looked on Amazon and bought a package of 12 blades. A year later, I still have 6 unused blades (my secret treasure chest 😊). I always have a good blade and I improved my joy of quilting. It was worth every penny.

Allegretto Sun 21-Jun-20 23:57:38

I use one (Fiskars) with a self-healing cutting mat. I replace the blade with a new one every time I start a new patchwork quilt. It works like a dream, as long as the blade replaced regularly. I bought a box of 12 blades on amazon. The blades I bought were a standard size.

ginny Mon 22-Jun-20 07:40:56

I always stand up to use mine. Sitting down doesn’t allow me to put enough pressure on the blade.

Chardy Tue 23-Jun-20 19:44:21

Yes to standing up when using it. And I did notice that The Works has cutting mats at very reasonable prices.

Stansgran Tue 23-Jun-20 19:47:58

I buy a pack of a dozen blades but also use a sharpener. I've read that cutting into several layers of kitchen foil sharpens blades but I've never tried.