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Cake freezing

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Lucca Thu 02-Jul-20 09:22:52

Am making a chocolate cake for Gs birthday. I am not a gifted baker ! So I want to make it today and freeze it for a couple of days. What about icing ? What’s the best kind ? Should I freeze iced or not ?

Marydoll Thu 02-Jul-20 09:33:59

Not iced. Give it plenty of time to defrost before you do ice it. Good luck!

shysal Thu 02-Jul-20 10:11:08

If you are unsure about icing, a chocolate ganache is very easy. Lots of recipes on line. Failing that Betty Crocker chocolate fudge ready made icing is delicious!
Hope it goes well.

Lucca Thu 02-Jul-20 10:22:13

Thanks I’ll try the ganache!. But ok to ice 24 hours in advance ?

shysal Thu 02-Jul-20 11:03:12

Yes, 24 hours in advance is fine. If you are defrosting, make sure it is defrosted and up to temperature or it may 'sweat'.

OceanMama Thu 02-Jul-20 11:28:08

Buttercream icing is often popular with children. I often ice these semi-frozen. It helps with the crumb and getting a smooth finish.

Depending what kind of cake you make, you might not need to freeze it if you are making it just 2-3 days in advance. A chocolate mud cake might fit the bill here. If you contact a professional cake decorating store they should have a good mix you could buy and they can advise on how long it will keep. Some professional cakes can take a couple of days to decorate, so the cakes have to last.

Purplepixie Thu 02-Jul-20 11:29:14

I’ve made cakes in the past and froze them but never iced.

OceanMama Thu 02-Jul-20 11:30:22

I've only ever frozen cakes iced with fondant. But kids don't tend to like that so much in my experience.

Lucca Thu 02-Jul-20 12:14:17

Many thanks. Cake is ready to go in freezer.