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virtual work experience??

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Calendargirl Tue 07-Jul-20 16:17:44

Perhaps the virtual experience could include role plays, job interview techniques, this type of thing would be so useful for 15/16 year olds.

eazybee Tue 07-Jul-20 15:47:26

At least she is being provided with some sort of work experience; it would be difficult to arrange some of the suggestions without personal contact, plus the people who would deal with them are probably furloughed.

Ilovecheese Tue 07-Jul-20 15:41:46

Thanks tanith

ninathenana Tue 07-Jul-20 15:40:05

Agreed Illte

tanith Tue 07-Jul-20 14:55:52

That’s actually a very good point Ilovecheese

Illte Tue 07-Jul-20 14:43:06

As work experience is only one or two weeks I don't think it would be a good idea for them man lines like Childline or Silverline. An immature, inexperienced response could do much damage. Its not just about answering the phone.
And you have to be prepared to get a number of quite distressing windups and sometimes sexually explicit calls.

Ilovecheese Tue 07-Jul-20 14:01:59

Perhaps as by the time she leaves school, so many people will be working from home that the virtual work experience may be closer to the real thing than we realise.

tanith Tue 07-Jul-20 13:19:14

I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks it’s a bit pointless. I’m not telling what I think as it’s something she’s got to take part in so don’t want her to think it’s a waste of time.
I suppose it’s the best they can do with limited time and resources.

Sussexborn Tue 07-Jul-20 13:13:53

Manning phone calls for Silverline or childline would be more useful. Getting used to speaking/listening to strangers is a useful skill. Litter picking with the right equipment would be useful and help the environment.

Years ago there were schools tv programmes about different jobs that I enjoyed watching when my children were very young.

Ellianne Tue 07-Jul-20 13:04:49

You're right Tanith, she must be so fed up with online this, online that. I agree with Calendargirl that virtual work experience is a very poor substitute for getting out in to the real world. Maybe teachers and employers could think outside the box and come up with outdoor ideas like clearing open spaces, tidying the locality .... a bit like community service.

Illte Tue 07-Jul-20 12:45:52

Some training films are actually quite good if they can get them. Right and wrong ways to interact with customers etc. I seem to remember a John Cleese one from years ago😬

Calendargirl Tue 07-Jul-20 12:38:33

Sounds rather pointless to me, as I would think the whole idea of WE is to go into places of work and interact with colleagues, customers etc. and generally get a taste of what the work is all about.

Impossible this year, so this has been dreamed up as a rather poor substitute.

There again, what do I know? Am sure someone will put me right and tell me this is the way forward.

tanith Tue 07-Jul-20 11:10:38

My GD who’s year 10 so would of at this time been doing work experience. Now shes been told she will take part next week but it will be virtual work experience. She has to log in every day for I think it’s 3 hrs and it will consist of quizzes, short films etc.
Just wonder if anyone has heard of this from family members who might be teachers, and how this will work? She’s been into school for 2 mornings for 2 wks but not with her normal teachers and just completing the online work that she would be doing at home anyway. It’s all sounding like a tick box excercise to me, or am I being unfair?