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Blooming mossies !

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Newquay Sun 12-Jul-20 17:53:12

Unusually, I was badly bitten last year. Thought it was heading for cellulitis! Chemist gave me steroid cream (instead of Antisan), tablets to take every 4/6 hours instead of once a day antihistamine. So when we went on our annual family jolly to Menorca i took all the above AND Jungle Formula, Avons Skin so Soft and anklet and bracelets too. They worked-hurrah! Now this year DH and I are getting bitten to death despite all of the above! The little blighters! Anyone else?

Chewbacca Sun 12-Jul-20 17:59:39

Ah I feel your pain Newquay; they blot my summer's too. Like you, I've got Jungle Formula, little yellow bracelets they were useless, Skin so Soft, a spray of stuff from the chemist and I wear so much all encompassing clothing that I might just as well wear a duffle coat! Insect bites always turn nasty and infected on me and I've had to have antibiotic creams and tablets on several occassions. I even ended up in hospital one summer when i got bitten on the face and my airways became so swollen that I couldn't breathe properly. When you find a solution, send me a pm please.

GagaJo Sun 12-Jul-20 19:09:49

When living in Spain my life was made miserable by mozzie bites. Cured by taking antihistamines every 6 hours as Newquay said. Antihistamine gel helped any that broke through the pills.

Missfoodlove Sun 12-Jul-20 20:52:35

Lemon eucalyptus oil is as effective as deet yet 100% safe and natural.

I have used this on a grouse moor in flaming August and not a single bite.
There were clouds of the things!

The smell is not the best but it is very effective.

Newquay Mon 13-Jul-20 10:07:47

Haven’t tried the lemon eucalyptus oil-where did you get that from? DH and I start the day counting bites!