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kittylester Sat 18-Jul-20 14:30:59

I have mentioned previously that my lovely brother in law has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. They live in South Africa.

The provision for support seems very patchy and the doctors seem quite dismissive of it - you've got it, off you go.

My sil has been glad of the support that she finds on Talking Point but now my BiL is asking about a forum for him.

I havent heard of any but wondered if any of you have?

Izabella Sat 18-Jul-20 14:43:28

kitty I will pm you later today

Izabella Sat 18-Jul-20 14:44:18

remind me if I forget

silverlining48 Sat 18-Jul-20 15:31:18

That’s a great sense of humour Izabella.

silverlining48 Sat 18-Jul-20 15:32:15


kittylester Sat 18-Jul-20 16:45:18

grin Thank you, Izabella.

And, is it a good idea?

Izabella Sat 18-Jul-20 17:20:10


That’s a great sense of humour Izabella.

Much needed when you get a diagnosis of Alzheimers I can tell you!

Witzend Sat 18-Jul-20 17:26:09

Talking Point does have a forum for people with dementia, separate from the one for their carers.

How well used it is, I couldn’t say, though.

Izabella Sat 18-Jul-20 17:27:57

kitty try looking at this

Do I think its a good idea? From my perspective yes. It normalises things for me and little snippets from that and other literature have helped. Not many people get such an early diagnosis and therefore the experiences and occurrences that happen now cannot be verbalised/discussed as things develop. Your BIL I am sure experiences this. Let me know what you think.

kittylester Sat 18-Jul-20 17:32:58

Thank you Izabella, I'll check that out. I'll forward it to my SiL too.

My bil has had quite an early diagnosis too but his background was in chemicals and I'm not sure about whether he will frighten himself reading about it.

Izabella Mon 20-Jul-20 07:48:38

There is also this site which has zoom sessions and local support and information for both PWD and their families and carers

I am looking forward to the gait retraining web session at the end of this month as one who is sometimes vertically challenged.