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Has anyone heard of Time Capsule Letters to Grandchildren?

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Nanof4 Tue 21-Jul-20 17:04:13

I have a Grandson that is now 14 months old. On his first birthday my DIL gave all relatives and friends that attended GS’s party a “Time Capsule” letter to write to my GS, the idea being that he will open and read them his 18th Birthday.
I must admit that I had never heard of this idea before and I am totally flummoxed as to what I should write/include in his letter.
I have looked online for help/advice as to what I should include but have been unable to find anything constructive so far.
I have been told to “ write what I like“.
Have any other Gransnetters come across, or even written, a Time Capsule letter themselves to their grandchild and if so could you offer any advice as to what to write please?
I am now under a time constraint as DIL asked for them to be completed and returned within 2 weeks of GS first birthday (2 months ago!) and I have now been told that my Husband and I are the only ones that have not completed and returned our TC letters.
P.S. Husband hasn’t a clue what to write either.

Grandmabatty Tue 21-Jul-20 17:14:50

I have some ideas. You could write about your family as it is now, about your life as a child, something you learned or did that might surprise them, how technology has changed from when you were young,stories about their mum/dad when they were young or 18, stories about their great grandparents, advice you were given, how you imagine they'll look at 18 or what they might do, what you wish you had known at 18, what your hopes for the future are.

Oopsminty Tue 21-Jul-20 17:19:40

Yes, I think these are great ideas. So much to write about!

Tell them about your childhood. How you met. When you had their parent. How did the birth go. Not too graphic!

You can mention hobbies. Things you did in your youth. When you started to date Grandpa. First homes. Jobs.

Mention 2020 of course! A year people will be talking about for years to come. How did the child concern manage when unable to leave the house. Your first visit with them once Lockdown eased.

TV and films that are popular now that you enjoy. Songs that were important to you throughout your life. What car you drive, photos of it. Photos of your home! Photos of you all together. Songs that he likes to hear on the radio. Changes in your area from your youth to now so he can see what's changed when he's 18

Just pretend you're a director making a film of your life.

The list is endless.


Nannarose Tue 21-Jul-20 17:20:29

Yes I have!

Your feelings when you heard of his birth / first saw him
Who does he remind you of?
What you felt for your grandparents (sorry if that's a painful question)
Something that has changed (!) since your grandparents / your own childhood
Something he does that makes you smile
You wonder if you will celebrate his 18th with him - and if not, what you will wish for him

I find it useful to sit at the computer and just type - anything - end up with repetition and meanderings, then refine them.

If these suggestions are not helpful, I suggest you ask if you can put a tiny gift in the Time Capsule instead. My grandchildren have 'lockdown boxes' and I have given them each a small thing to put in to remind them that I thought of them during that time (small animal figure, eah one had meaning to the child)

I think it a shame that a nice idea has become a burden, and think that may be why you feel bit 'paralysed'. I hope you get other suggestions and find at least one helpful