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How can I find out my grandma's date of birth with only these details?

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MaryTheBookeeper Wed 22-Jul-20 10:01:35

I know her married name & maiden name.
I know the address she spent most years living at (but not her final home).
I know the name of her spouse.

There is nothing else, nor any other surviving family to ask.

TerriBull Wed 22-Jul-20 10:07:31

If you think she was born prior to 1911 you could trawl through the census of that year, given you know her maiden name, that would show how old she is and with the relevant information you could apply for her birth certificate. Sometimes that takes a while depending on how common surname is. Good luck

Callistemon Wed 22-Jul-20 10:11:11

You can only find the year and quarter of her dob from online records so, to find the actual date yes, you would need to send for her birth certificate..
If you do that directly through the GRO rather than a genealogy site it is cheaper.
Some records are free on Ancestry, FindmyPast etc. or BMD records are free I think.

jaylucy Wed 22-Jul-20 10:12:23

I assume this is for family tree research?
If you know where she lived, you can see online quite a few of the census from the past that will at the very least say how old she was at the time of the census.
I assume that you don't know how old she was when she died (which would usually help a bit) but if researching online, you can usually specify within certain perameters on a search. It might just mean a lot of time putting in guesses before something turns up, but a lot of the online family tree research websites have links to others researching the same family, so it might be an idea to see if you can register on one and put in a request to see if others are looking for either your family or your grandfathers family - sometimes they have done a lot of the leg work and may even have copies of her birth and death certificates

Callistemon Wed 22-Jul-20 10:13:45

I think Ancestry offer 14 days free trial.

geekesse Wed 22-Jul-20 10:28:20

My granny had a number of different dates of birth - she played fast and loose with the truth to get jobs and for social reasons. She also used variations on her name for different purposes over the years. Eventually I tracked down her birth certificate by narrowing the search. I knew she had a younger sister, so I found her details easily enough, then looked for another birth a couple of years before in the same district with the same family name. Once I had the district and the three month date span she was born in, I then applied for a copy of her birth certificate. Turns out her real date of birth, and birth name, were different from the ones I knew.

paddyanne Wed 22-Jul-20 10:43:41

if you're in Scotland look for her marriage certificate ,put maiden and married name in and it will give you her age on her wedding day ,from there you can locate her birth certificate

arosebyanyothername Wed 22-Jul-20 10:51:56

Some of the census records are free to so you could search them for info. It might narrow down the possible choices . As someone else said you have a stronger chance of finding the right person if the surnames you have are not too common. Good luck

Septimia Wed 22-Jul-20 11:46:20

Was she alive in 1939? If so, the 1939 Register might also give you her age. One of the genealogy websites will give you access to that.

As others have suggested, the 1911 (or earlier) census should supply that information, too.

Her birth will have had to be registered and the records will show which quarter of the year that was done. Search the genealogy site.

If you are lucky, there will be an online record of her baptism (if appropriate). Sometimes the date of birth was recorded as well.

With enough information you should be able to send for her birth certificate. Good luck.

quizqueen Wed 22-Jul-20 11:49:04

If you know where she was born, some parish records are on line.

Callistemon Wed 22-Jul-20 11:51:38

You may find a baptismal record online but many have been 'sold' to the genealogy sites.

blueberry1 Wed 22-Jul-20 11:55:54

Try It is free to use and if you put in the details you know, you might come up with your grandmother's date of birth,marriage and death.

Newatthis Wed 22-Jul-20 12:11:06

Your local library now has free access to where all these details and many more can be found. You can join online - it's a fantastic service.

Cabbie21 Wed 22-Jul-20 12:53:07

The 1939 Register gives exact date of birth, so that is your best bet.

growstuff Wed 22-Jul-20 13:00:22

Dates of death (after a certain date) have dates of birth, assuming she didn't die recently.

SueDonim Wed 22-Jul-20 13:06:12

Sending for her birth certificate is the main and most accurate way.

Elegran Wed 22-Jul-20 14:09:00

It is detective work.

FreeBMD has the birth, marriage and death indexes, and is free to search ( a lot of the genealogy sites also have them but are not free to search.)

This is their search page - Put in what you do know about her, and guess at the earliest and latest that her birth was likely to be. If you know where she lived when she was very young, you could also select the place, as she is likely to have been born there. If not, leave it blank, or it will restrict which records are searched.

You will get a list of possible results, with the year and the quarter of the year when they were registered. This could be several weeks after the actual birth.

If there are a lot of results for that name in the years you searched, you may be able to narrow it down somehow - perhaps by searching in the marriages for her and comparing places with the births, and/or searching in the deaths for her under her married name and noting the age of each result you get, then comparing that with the year of birth of the results in the births search..

When you find a likely result, take a note of the reference after the entry and use that to order a birth certificate from the General Record Office. It will cost you less if you have the reference than if the staff there have to search for it.

The route is not instant, but when you have found it you will have a thrill of triumph - and you will see why genealogy is so addictive.

MaryTheBookeeper Wed 22-Jul-20 20:19:28

Well! What a can of worms you can open! I don't have the exact date of birth yet but I do have the year & it totally turns on it's head the story I was given about the family history. From that info I could find my great grandmother. It seems I come from a long line of children giving birth to children!!! shock The family names are unique enough that there's only one record for each that matches.

MaryTheBookeeper Wed 22-Jul-20 21:28:23

I've found out she lived on Sloane Street in Manchester but Google maps says it doesn't exist. What do you think happened, it was built-over because of the war?

recklessgran Wed 22-Jul-20 22:33:00

Mary, Sloane Street in Moss Side was demolished in the 1970's I believe. It was renamed Sedgeborough Road if that helps. Good luck with your research.

welbeck Wed 22-Jul-20 22:36:47

have a look at this OP

welbeck Wed 22-Jul-20 22:39:44

have you tried this

MaryTheBookeeper Thu 23-Jul-20 07:04:51

Found it - only their old terrace is now a modern block of flats.

Callistemon Thu 23-Jul-20 09:09:53

It's sad because some old terraced housing could have been renovated to make lovely homes.

I went to see my Grandparents' old house which I could just about remember visiting and it had been demolished but nothing had been built there.

Well done.