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Searching for a nursery rhyme book

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Notcharlie Mon 10-Aug-20 13:43:48

Hi everyone,

I've got to confess that I'm not a granny, but a mum. Unfortunately, my mum passed away while I was pregnant with my first two years ago. Reading was always really important to me and one of my favourite memories was of my Mum reading to me.

She used to have this amazing book of nursery rhymes that I used to love and I'm desperate to track down a copy so I can read them to my children.

Unfortunately, the only defining feature I can remember is that the Doctor Foster illustration was a toad with an umbrella. Ive actually managed to track down the illustration, just don't know the book it came from.

Can any of you help? I've attached the illustration here too.

Thanks all. I have everything crossed.


Lisagran Mon 10-Aug-20 14:07:24

Might be the Arthur Rackham book - The Old Nursery Rhymes?

annodomini Mon 10-Aug-20 14:41:34

Richard Scarry's books of nursery rhymes and stories were a great favourite with my DSs. They have bright, cheerful illustrations which you can talk about with the child.

QuaintIrene Mon 10-Aug-20 14:47:34

Yes, it looks like the Arthur Rackham edition. There are copies on AbeBooks.

V3ra Mon 10-Aug-20 17:02:03

I have that set of jigsaws, they're probably 35 years old!

Fennel Mon 10-Aug-20 17:45:21

As annodomini says, the Richard Scarry books are excellent :
I think it was the Mother Goose one I had for my children.
Still available.

Notcharlie Mon 10-Aug-20 18:18:16

That's them! Oh thank you so much. Now I know the illustrator, hopefully I can find the book. You don't know how happy this has made me grin.

Thanks to everyone for trying to solve this for me, or for making some lovely suggestions for other nursery rhymes

MissAdventure Mon 10-Aug-20 18:23:56

I do like a happy ending.
(Although I think that phrase has different connotations, these days)

V3ra Mon 10-Aug-20 22:03:15

Several second-hand copies of "BB Blacksheep and Company" are available on
My son saw the box of jigsaws earlier and said, "Blimey, that's a blast from the past!"
I've left them out to do with the two year old I look after tomorrow, I love re-using my children's books and toys!