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Ramblingrose22 Sun 16-Aug-20 00:33:18

Today I received a request to be a friend on Facebook with someone I don't know.

It's happened before and I accepted one because I could tell where she got my name from. But this latest one is a mystery to me.

Why do people do this? To increase the number of friends they have on Facebook? To find out who my friends are?

Any ideas?

Oopsminty Sun 16-Aug-20 00:41:32

FB suggests people you may know

Maybe this person got you as a potential person they might know so clicked the request

Easily dealt with. Just say no.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Aug-20 03:32:22

Never accept friends if you don’t know them it’s very easy to say no and delete
Choose your own friends
No one knows what reasons people have Maybe they have a mutual friend but unless you want them to see what you and your real friends write just delete.... simples

Humbertbear Sun 16-Aug-20 09:15:27

I simply ignore friends requests.

seacliff Sun 16-Aug-20 09:31:26

Over the years I have had a couple of really weird friend requests from people I don't know, seemingly from abroad. I delete the friend request rather than just ignore it.

I have noticed at work that when someone new comes, after a couple of weeks they are FB friends with lots of people in the office. I ignore their request.

For me FB is quite private so my FB friends are those I really know and see in real life, and some long distance family. There are a very few friends I have never met, but we met on a private support forum and had much in common at one time, with what our children were doing.

Also be aware of possible scams when someone seems to have been hacked. I had a Friend request from my BIL, but although the name was the same, it did not have his picture, just a silhouette. I deleted it. I was already friends with him anyway.

geekesse Sun 16-Aug-20 10:23:55

If I receive a FB friend request, I use Google images to do a reverse look-up of the profile picture. Sometimes (often?) the image has been lifted from the internet to decorate a fake FB profile. In such cases, I report them to FB as fraud.