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Smart door bells and the like - does anyone have any good or bad experiences.

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kittylester Mon 17-Aug-20 08:29:40

Wd are thinking of getting one of these.

DD2 has a ring and recommends it.

Can you recommend, or not, any others.

Are there any that are compatible with Alexa? Or are Hive any good?


Furret Mon 17-Aug-20 08:37:32

We have Ring. I’d rate it 7/10. Sometimes it takes too long to respond so by the time we summon up the picture of who’s at the door they’ve been and gone. Not always , just sometimes.

I’ve watched our milkman hobbling up the path in the early hours of the morning. Poor bloke limps badly.

Worst feature ... the advert on TV set the dogs barking as they think it’s our door bell.

In general I’d rather have it than not.

tanith Mon 17-Aug-20 10:14:14

My neighbour has one and it’s loud and 😠 sorry that’s no help.

cornergran Mon 17-Aug-20 10:30:53

Daughter in law has one and loves it, although she has had to re-set it a couple of times with the help of a distant person. It does seem to be set off by high wind, it doesn't link to their Alexa but I'm not sure if that is because it can't or because she doesn't want it to - it links to her phone which means the grandchildren can't access it. We've got one here, free with our last BT contract, its been in a cupboard for 9 months now, maybe time it came out into the world grin.

TerriBull Mon 17-Aug-20 10:40:51

We previously had a bell that made a muffled could barely be heard sound, which could be good and bad depending on who was standing on the doorstep, we did occasionally miss people because of that. My husband has since replaced it with a really annoying "ding dong" sounding bell which resounds throughout all three floors of the house we really hear it now, which again is good and bad! although I should add, it rings mainly to alert us that there is a delivery on the doorstep these days, so just as well we hear it.

Charleygirl5 Mon 17-Aug-20 11:03:24

I have a video entry system. The bell rings, I can see who is on the doorstep, I can take a photo if I want and we can have a 2 way conversation. I have the same upstairs to save me coming down but I do have to open the door manually. I do not have to fiddle with phones- I love my system.

FlexibleFriend Mon 17-Aug-20 18:42:32

I have an ordinary doorbell and a camera to view my drive etc. linked to our mobile phones. We can speak to whoever calls etc but as stated previously they can be a bit slow to access but as we frequently get deliveries left on the doorstep since the start of covid without the doorbell being rung I find it invaluable. It has also been triggered by a cat, a fox and a rat ugh! and once even a balloon which very spookily drifted up the drive and made me jump out of my skin when it burst on catching on the cars number plate, that made me laugh though.