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Zooming with the class

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TillyWhiz Sat 05-Sep-20 22:49:12

A couple of the classes I belong to are continuing to be held virtually as they are unable to either organise a social distancing venue or it is not safe to do so because of members' medical conditions.
I do feel sorry for our teachers who are trying to continue but I have found I just cannot Zoom with them! I am very tecchy normally but these Zoom sessions don't have the same feeling, just leave me cold and disinterested and I have opted out.
Has anyone else had the same problems?

ginny Sat 05-Sep-20 22:56:15

Yes, I agree with you . It is the physical presence
of others that makes for a good experience. Like you zoom sessions just don’t do it for me.

Bixiboo Sat 05-Sep-20 23:01:14

Same here. I did 4 Zumba classes a week but haven’t done any since lockdown as they’re all on Zoom. Lots of people go for the socialising too and it’s not the same doing a Zoom class. Will wait until classes are up and running again.

Teacheranne Sun 06-Sep-20 00:45:34

We have been using Zoom for various WI groups since April and are finding that interest is tailing off as some restrictions are lifted. But there are still people who are anxious about venturing out or live on their own so we are continuing to hold Zoom meetings until we are able to have a meeting for all our 92 members.

Some people are Zoomed out, if they are still working at home and on computers all day, they want a break in the evenings. Others, like you, prefer face to face meetings and don't find Zoom a satisfactory alternative. Personally, I'm a little bored on Zoom and feel somewhat distant but living on my own, it can be my only contact with other people, I do click and collect for my grocery shopping due to mobility problems so haven't actually left my house or seen another "live" person for over a week! So I put up with Zoom but long for a real meeting.

Kamiso Sun 06-Sep-20 00:55:36

We’ve only used zoom for family and found it better in small groups. Got a bit much when everyone wanted to talk at once but lovely to see the toddlers bustling about.

Opted out of the WI and similar ones - not really sure why but just unsure about a larger group.

Grandmabatty Sun 06-Sep-20 07:42:05

I'm on zoom for a craft class. I prefer the companionship of the real life class. I also find it a bit cold.

kittylester Sun 06-Sep-20 08:12:52

I help deliver Carer's courses on line.
One of my roles, in the real world, is to keep an eye on people's body language and take them off for bit of one to one if they get upset. It's hopeless.

The current course has 9 participants and it is very difficult to watch everyone all the time. I'm exhausted at the end. This will continue until at least Feb.

fevertree Sun 06-Sep-20 08:34:41

I'm quite happy with my Pilates Zoom Tribe twice a week and Sewing Class Zoomers once a week. We hang around at the end of the class for a chat, so socialising needs are met!

I find being able to get ready for my classes 5 mins before they start and taking part in the comfort of my own home, a real bonus.

Not sure I'd be as keen if I was Zooming all day ...

BlueBelle Sun 06-Sep-20 08:55:22

No it’s not good you have to have contact with people and for the young people’s mental health it’s dreadful if it was for a month or two it’s manageable but this will go on for months or maybe years
I haven’t used it at all and probably won’t I just need to get out and about with friends I all get my exercise in the fresh air walking or digging or swimming if I can get someone to do it with excellent if not I ll do it alone but I will not become a bedroom lonely Dancing to a blooming tv or computer

Ellianne Sun 06-Sep-20 09:04:59

That's interesting you all feel this way. I dislike Zoom too and agree it doesn't come anywhere close to real contact. I never use it.
Maybe younger people get on with it better. I know there was no alternative, but I strongly believe their education was only half as good as being in the classroom with their teacher and their peers. I'm sure many literally "switched off".

Sarahmob Sun 06-Sep-20 09:13:00

I find that I really miss the physical presence of people too. Over lockdown my church really stepped up delivering services via Facebook live which I really appreciated, but they’re now really hanging back on starting live services again. Whilst I understand the complexities and difficulties and responsibility to keep everybody safe I just want to do them in person as I find the technical service cold and uninvolving.

eazybee Sun 06-Sep-20 10:15:35

I find the problem is that some people do not address the camera directly; one member of a zoom group always talks with her head at right angles, another appears to stare out of the window; apparently only the top of my head can be seen when I contribute (a good thing), but it is still a form of live contact, and as two members of the group are terrified of leaving their homes I think it will continue for some time.

NotSpaghetti Sun 06-Sep-20 10:26:43

The reason people look to the side or down or whatever is because they are speaking to one of your zoom faces. The camera is always in the same place but participants in zoom are anywhere on the screen. I've made myself a pair or paper eyes and stuck them either side of my laptop's camera to remind me to look into it when I speak!

Ellianne Sun 06-Sep-20 10:41:33

So, with all that in mind, it's a bit difficult to fully concentrate on the actual session!

FarNorth Sun 06-Sep-20 10:42:00

I've only done one zoom meeting with a small committee I'm on.
We live in different parts of the UK and have never managed to all meet in person.
It was nice to see one of the members, for the first time, and good to be able to talk with a group of people for a change, yet I felt really sad afterwards.

I've had notifications of various other zoom meetings and events and sometimes mean to attend but have never wanted to, when the time comes.

Teacheranne Sun 06-Sep-20 11:32:52

Although Zoom does not satisfy all my social needs and can be a bit difficult to get used to, for me it is better than no contact at all. In some ways I think it is a shame when people refuse to even try it but then complain that they are lonely - not that anyone here has complained of loneliness but some of my WI friends have. Zoom is better than nothing especially if you live on your own and have little social contact.

To chat in smaller groups, the Breakout Rooms work well and using the Chat facility to type out questions makes it easier to get a chance to contribute to large group discussions. I love the screen sharing option, it works well in quizzes or to share photos.

i just wish I had some shares in Zoom, I'd probably be a multimillionaire by now!