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Antonia Sat 19-Sep-20 22:02:36

I have joined an online language class which uses Microsoft teams.
I downloaded Teams on my phone, and was concerned to see a 'files' category. When I click on it, all files from my One Drive are there.
I am worrying about other members of the class being able to view my personal files. Can this happen?
I am a bit (a lot) technically challenged, so please excuse if this is a silly question.

B9exchange Sat 19-Sep-20 22:23:30

You would have to give your permission to share your files with others, they couldn't just start browsing. It is a very valid question though, I prefer to keep my files under my control rather than loading them to the Cloud, but that is just my paranoia grin

jenpax Sat 19-Sep-20 22:28:08

Share and collaborate
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You can share files and even entire folders without attaching anything. Send a link to the PowerPoint presentation you’re working on – and rest assured that everything else in your OneDrive will stay private. To share items from the OneDrive website, just select the item and select “Share