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House plant help please

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kittylester Sun 20-Sep-20 09:47:31

What is this? I bought it reduced in Waitrose yesterday. Unfortunately the price sticker covered any info and then ripped the info off as it was removed.

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 10:46:40

Are the leaves stripey?
Is it a Calathea?

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Sep-20 10:51:50

Yes, it looks like a bumpy calathea due to the purple under side.

NanTheWiser Sun 20-Sep-20 13:09:20

It’s not a Calathea, but I am afraid I don’t recognise it, sorry.

kittylester Sun 20-Sep-20 14:27:49

It looks bumpy and as though it might trail so I dont think it will be a Calathea.

SpringyChicken Sun 20-Sep-20 14:36:46

Can you take a photo without so much light glinting off the leaves? It's difficult to see properly.

SpringyChicken Sun 20-Sep-20 14:40:41

If you google waitrose plants indoor, there are thirty eight pages of plants they sell! You might find it there.

CherryCezzy Sun 20-Sep-20 14:49:18

It may be a waffle plant but I'm not too sure. The light bouncing off it does make it a bit tricky to tell for sure, although waffle plants do like a lot of light.

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 14:52:01


If you google waitrose plants indoor, there are thirty eight pages of plants they sell! You might find it there.

Only 744 to choose from! 🌱

trustgone4sure Sun 20-Sep-20 14:58:24

The plant will be dead by the time kittylester goes through that lot Callistemon hehehehe.
Just enjoy the pretty plant kittylaster regardless of what it`s called.

Grandmafrench Sun 20-Sep-20 15:07:08

A Maranta? ‘Prayer Plant’
A habit of folding and raising their leaves at night. Same family as Calathea. Underside of blotched leaves usually purple.

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 15:16:14

Just call it Freda, kittlester

That's a nice name.

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 15:16:34


BlueBelle Sun 20-Sep-20 15:53:16

Looks a bit begonery

kittylester Sun 20-Sep-20 19:36:11

I think Freda is a lovely Male, callidyemon.. I didn't find it in the Waitrise list. confused

kittylester Sun 20-Sep-20 19:39:18

My phone!!!! name not male, callistemon and Waitrose!!

Callistemon Sun 20-Sep-20 20:26:13

I spelt your name wrong too, kittylester! Have another wine

Every houseplant should have a name.

DiscoGran Sun 20-Sep-20 21:35:26

I had one a bit like that, called it Russell. 🌿