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Odd calls on mobile

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PinkCakes Tue 29-Sep-20 07:45:59

I have been getting strange calls to my mobile - the calls are from Zimbabwe, Poland and Russia, and each call lasts seconds (not that I'd answer anyway), and all start with 00 but each number is different.

Yesterday, I had 8 calls between 7am and 11pm. I have blocked the numbers but is there anything else I can do to stop the calls?

Furret Tue 29-Sep-20 07:56:46

Yes. I installed a free app which only allows calls on my contact list to get through. Anyone else, is invited to leave a message. These scammers won’t. It’s called Mr Number.

Marydoll Tue 29-Sep-20 07:57:00

Why don't you contact your provider for advice? They may be able to help.

LullyDully Tue 29-Sep-20 08:11:15

But what happens if you get a doctor's call on a private number?

BlueBelle Tue 29-Sep-20 08:38:04

Just don’t answer

Marydoll Tue 29-Sep-20 08:56:10

LullyDully has a point. I'm forever getting medical calls on my phone.
I once ignored four separate phone calls on my mobile when on holiday abroad, it turned out it was a call offering an appointment for my my long awaited angiogram.
It didn't come from a usual NHS number, so I had no idea what it was.
It was only when I Googled it, I discovered it was the heart hospital.

Lexisgranny Tue 29-Sep-20 09:04:10

I had considered number blocking except from those on a list, but since CV19 this would not work at all for me.

Recently I have received calls from my GP, a consultant, a clinician and a physiotherapist (all from numbers I didn’t recognise). They were all very necessary and it would have been very unfortunate had I not answered. For example one regarded the urgent change in dosage of medication. I do appreciate that this would work for some, but not all.

Missfoodlove Tue 29-Sep-20 09:54:16

This is a scam, what they want you to do is call the number back.
Once you called the number back your put on hold,the charge to your mobile phone will be astronomical.
The caller makes a lot of money from the scam.
If you do have a phone that will allow block them immediately

B9exchange Tue 29-Sep-20 10:05:16

We have had quite a few whilst quarantining, but they hung up really quickly. I did half wonder if was Track and Trace checking we knew what to do, we were supposed to get a call and I know they are not allowed to leave a message, but I presumed they would hang on a bit longer than that! grin

Furret Tue 29-Sep-20 10:48:59


But what happens if you get a doctor's call on a private number?

You can turn the app off if that’s likely

PinkCakes Tue 29-Sep-20 10:51:17

Missfoodlove.....thanks, I know it's some scam and wouldn't answer anyway (although the calls have been for a few seconds).

Furret Tue 29-Sep-20 10:51:55

Plus it will send messages to voice mail.

PinkCakes Tue 29-Sep-20 10:54:04

I've contacted my provider (3) who have advised me to put the numbers on my blocked list. (8 different numbers yesterday).

I wouldn't bother with the app some has suggested in case I miss a call that's important - I'm waiting to hear back from some job applications - and I choose not to have the voicemail function anyway.