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DVLA alert - another scam?

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GrannySomerset Wed 30-Sep-20 17:01:03

I have received an email from the DVLA which is on an unsecured platform. It looks all right but I am suspicious because I don’t have an online account with them and have not requested paperless transactions. My car tax is not due yet so I am wondering if this is a scam. Anyone else had this?

annsixty Wed 30-Sep-20 17:11:09

Yes I did this morning and I don’t even have a car.

Bridie22 Wed 30-Sep-20 19:10:34

Me too!
Had a follow up one this afternoon telling me my direct debit has been cancelled so I am no longer I no longer have a car thats OK!

GrannySomerset Wed 30-Sep-20 19:42:17

Thank you. Glad my suspicious mind has proved right!