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NHS partial dental plate

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Shorty Wed 07-Oct-20 11:58:46

Hi thank you for letting me join this great group. I’m in a pickle with my dentist. I’m unable to work so cannot afford private dentists. I needed partial top dentures last year. One tooth too right and three the opposite side. My front teeth and furthest molars are still in tact. I was never given option to have clips either side of false teeth but just told I had to have them on a full plate. I’ve had constant trouble it staying in place and sore gums under it. To cut long story shorter since lock down I’ve needed a new crown and now the new metal crown won’t fit or will my denture plate. Q1 can I insist that my four false teeth be clipped to my teeth now, seeing as plate no longer fits and I was never given this option? states partial dentures are clipped to teeth. Q2 I have been given a large metal crown without my consent and it does not fit, I have M.E and overly sensitive to chemicals inc metals. Can I ask for plastic crown? I’m shocked my dentist never asked me knowing I have M.E. Just because I cannot afford private fees I feel I’m being treated quite poorly. I attached pic of plate below. I’m interested to hear your views if anyone else has a plate like this. Do I have choices? Thank you for reading.

aggie Wed 07-Oct-20 12:04:07

I had clips to my teeth with partial denture , new NHS dentist didn’t like that and new plate without was made , no problems with it and no one knew I had false teeth !
This was some years ago , I would see if you could find a new dentist

Shorty Wed 07-Oct-20 12:13:21

Thank you Aggie, with appointments as rare as hens teeth I don’t feel I have to change dentist. There is another dentist in the same surgery, if I ask to move won’t it cause me trouble?

Shorty Wed 07-Oct-20 12:14:32

Words missing from last reply should have said ‘I don’t feel I the option to change’

aggie Wed 07-Oct-20 12:24:55

I moved , or was moved within the practice ! The Boss got fed up with me being so nervous and refused to treat me ! He fobbed me off on all the new recruits , which suited me
He recently had to see me due to my chap being off , we glared at each other , but all was well 😂

Shorty Wed 07-Oct-20 12:49:59

That’s a shame that you were put through that. We should not have to put up with it. I am glad your seeing someone else. I’m seeing my dentist today and have written my questions down. If he fobs me off I will ask for second opinion. Thank you

cornergran Wed 07-Oct-20 12:56:13

Good luck shorty. Excellent idea to go with questions prepared.

Sarnia Wed 07-Oct-20 13:13:10

I had partial dentures for years before I was able to go private. Only then did I experience the different processes with NHS dentists as opposed to private practitioners. My NHS dentist would take an impression followed a week or two later by a fitting. Any problems would be identified and I would collect my finished denture a few days later. They never fitted perfectly and I used various dental adhesives to keep the denture in place. At no time did I see the technician who made the denture. My current dentures, full plates, top and bottom were privately made. I had 2 impressions; the second linked to a computer that aligned the roof of my mouth and jaw bone to the new dentures. I had 3 further fittings with the dental technician to ensure they were the perfect fit. These stay in by suction, as they should. I can only assume that the NHS with cash restraints are unable to go that extra mile. I would have a chat with your dentist and get a second opinion if you are still unhappy. Good luck.

annodomini Wed 07-Oct-20 13:27:07

My dentist is private and I'm waiting for him to organise an extraction and denture fitting. So far he has been worth every penny and I have full confidence in him.