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Bluebellwould Wed 14-Oct-20 15:19:11

My wonderful son is getting married in two weeks and I’m unable to attend for various reasons. I would like to write something nice in their card but I’m stumped. He and his wife to be, have been together for ten years and have a three year old son. He will be the only one to get married without his father (my husband deceased) Being there either.
Do you know of any nice verses or poems to put in the card please.
Also do you think I should sign it from my husband as well. Writing birthday cards in just my name is so awful, I’m sure all of you who have lost partners feel the same.
Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks.9

Ellianne Wed 14-Oct-20 15:36:30

That's sad Bluebellwould and I am sure others here in similar circumstances will have some good suggestions for you.
I would focus on the couple, how happy you hope they will be together and their little family. Maybe saying how happy you and his father were together?

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 16:02:05

Sad that you cant be there bluebellwood. There are many ideas fir poems/ words you can googke online, some are very nice others a bit naff but you could aybe cobble something together using more than one of them.
There is a nice poem i am thinking of but cant think it its name...not much help I know.
Oh yes Include your husband on it. Well I would. I think the poem I am thinking if is called Apache blessing...will check.
Hope they have a lovely day but think you and your husband will be missed.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 16:07:39

Yes its the Apache wedding blessing.

Bluebellwould Wed 14-Oct-20 16:41:36

Thank you silver lining, I’ve just read it and it reduced me to tears. Many thanks for great suggestion, never heard of it before.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 16:49:18

Oh I am pleased you like it bluebell. I think its lovely.

52bright Wed 14-Oct-20 16:50:03

Personally I would not sign it from both you and your sadly deceased dear husband. I think I would mention his dad though. Maybe something like ..'.your dad would be so happy for you both'. It is very hard, especially at special times, to be without a much loved dh and dad. My best wishes to you flowers

Bluebellwould Wed 14-Oct-20 19:27:57

Thank you 52 bright that is a nice way to put it.

Callistemon Wed 14-Oct-20 19:56:32


Yes its the Apache wedding blessing.

Yes, it's lovely.
Someone read it at DD and SIL's wedding.

your dad would be so happy for you both'.
Yes, that would be lovely.

Callistemon Wed 14-Oct-20 19:58:02

Perhaps print out the blessing, if you decide to use it, as it's quite long.

silverlining48 Wed 14-Oct-20 21:17:08

There are two versions one long and the other shortened. I read the shorter one at my daughters wedding.

jenni123 Thu 15-Oct-20 10:13:33

I wrote this for you :-
Ten years have gone, time flies by
Your love endured, no need to sigh
And now you have a lovely son
Enriched your family - now job done.
You know I'd be there if I could
both Dad and I, I know he would,
We send our love this special day
Several things keeps me away,
I'm there in Spirit, you're in my heart,
so many things keep us apart,
Enjoy your day and know they'll be
much love, kind thoughts to you from me. x

Nannarose Thu 15-Oct-20 10:32:09

jennil - that is wonderful!

I know it is for Bluebellwould to make comment rather than me, but I am in awe of someone who can turn out a verse like that.

PipandFinn Thu 15-Oct-20 10:39:21

Jenni -
Sorry damn predictive text....!!!!

Bluebellwould Thu 15-Oct-20 10:39:38

Jennie, wow absolutely wow. What can I say but thank you, what a talent and thank you for taking the time and effort. I’m in tears again. Thank you.

PipandFinn Thu 15-Oct-20 10:40:40

Jenni - That's beautiful gave me goosebumps....x

NotSpaghetti Thu 15-Oct-20 10:48:34

I would not sign it from your husband but would definitely say you know how happy he would have been for them.

Thinking of you. So sorry you can't be there.
Congratulations to you all nevertheless.

Jules59 Thu 15-Oct-20 11:13:40

At my daughter’s wedding, the two Mum’s read poems. I read the full version of the Apache wedding poem and my daughter, who usually doesn’t, had a tear in her eye.
Jennil23’s poem is beautiful and so personal. How kind. X

4allweknow Thu 15-Oct-20 11:21:38

Read the Apache blessing. Beautiful as it is, surely this was more applicable when people didn't live together or have offspring - to use old fashioned words - outside of wedlock. Keep searching, there will be something out there relative to their situation. Definitely add your DHs name.

Juicylucy Thu 15-Oct-20 11:24:28

Jennil23 that’s beautiful how lovely to have the talent to put words together like this. I might be asking for few words from you myself one day.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 15-Oct-20 11:30:09

Jennil23 your poem say all that's needed. What a great talent!

Riggie Thu 15-Oct-20 11:36:52

Inagree with others about the your Dad would be so happy etc nessage. But actually signing it from his deceased father would be weird.

Greenfinch Thu 15-Oct-20 12:07:10

I like the short Scottish wedding blessing called A Righteous Heart. It is outward looking and relevant to our time.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 15-Oct-20 13:19:48

I wouldn't sign your husband's name, surely it is better to say how happy he would have been for them and leave it at that.

Both my parents were dead on my wedding day and I was thankful no-one mentioned them, as I was emotional enough without that.

Jani31 Thu 15-Oct-20 14:05:51

Both daughters walked each other up the aisle as their father passed 9 years ago. Both had candles to honour their Dad. There is no way that I would have put his name in my card as it would have hurt too much x