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Burning Feet

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Msida Mon 09-Nov-20 00:20:50

Has anyone experienced burning sensation in your feet

It just started a few months ago, mainly in the evening for some reason and feet feel soar too and not due to walking

I have researched it a bit but haven't really gotten anywhere

Getting a little worried now, it went for a while and then came back a little

rosecarmel Mon 09-Nov-20 03:10:10

About 4/5 years ago- Only the soles, only at night, they were on fire- They actually got hot- In the morning when I stood they were sore, it was hard to walk- Then as I walked more it subsided- It was during the winter- Then it went away as suddenly as it started-

Coolgran65 Mon 09-Nov-20 03:40:32

Yes, my feet, top of feet and front of lower legs. It’s neuropathy.
Used to be just feet occasionally then legs joined the party.
I take Pregabalin/lyrica for it and it helps a lot but still get it just not as bad. It’s common in diabetes.

harrigran Mon 09-Nov-20 08:29:07

I experienced this when I was having chemotherapy, I used to lie with feet on ice packs wrapped in a towel.
Pleased to say mine eased after about a year so I don't think there is any permanent damage.

Georgesgran Mon 09-Nov-20 08:47:45

DH also suffering from peripheral neuropathy due to repeated courses of chemotherapy. He also takes Pregabalin with varying results. Some days it helps, others it’s ineffective - it’s really is life-changing, and he’s been told it will be permanent.

Msida Tue 10-Nov-20 21:32:42

Thank you, hopefully my issue will be like rosecarmels

Thanks all

rosecarmel Wed 11-Nov-20 13:51:22

All that time my feet remained tender and finding comfortable shoes/boots was an issue- I lived in Uggs and Uggs type knockoffs-

Kalu Wed 11-Nov-20 16:20:42

Georgesgran I also suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. My condition began after a spinal fracture and nerve damage, now, all over my body, including lips as it slowly spread and is permanent.

I take pregabalin topped up, when necessary, nurafen. and Capsaicin cream, on prescription, very lightly applied on feet and legs at bedtime. The cream has been a godsend for me and which may help your DH to calm the condition. He has my sympathy.

Msida Mon 16-Nov-20 20:21:13

About this.. I learnt today that covid can cause neurology issues!!

Kalu Mon 16-Nov-20 21:00:26

Do you have a link please Msida?

Delila Tue 17-Nov-20 18:28:54

Yes, this can be associated with both peripheral neuropathy and restless legs. Putting on very cold shoes for a few minutes (bare feet) seems to help.