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Mil in care home

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Pebbles101 Mon 16-Nov-20 08:42:17

My mil is in a care home after being unable to be cared for at home any more and ending up in hospital. We were told she probably has progressive cancer and does not want any treatments as is very frail and 92 y . In the home they said they had a care assessment and she is level 5 -please can anyone tell me what this means ?

Hetty58 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:06:51

Pebbles101, what country is she living in?

Pebbles101 Mon 16-Nov-20 12:35:17


MrsThreadgoode Mon 16-Nov-20 12:36:23

Probably best to ask the home, different homes might have differing systems in place.

EllanVannin Mon 16-Nov-20 13:34:33

Level 5 means that it has metastacized, or increased to other parts of the body, sadly, usually inoperable.

MrsThreadgoode Mon 16-Nov-20 13:54:27

Was it a care assessment or a Cancer assessment?

Pebbles101 Mon 16-Nov-20 14:01:25

Thank u -we know that the cancer has progressed so maybe that is it . And yes asking caring makes most sense but we feel always asking questions. But my s in law is going to. Thank u everyone.

Grandmabatty Mon 16-Nov-20 20:28:51

I can't help you but i just wanted to say how sorry I am for you and your family.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Nov-20 20:52:01

I think there isn't a level 5 in cancer spread.
Four means it has spread elsewhere.

I think it must be something the home does, perhaps in terms of the level of care needed?