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BradfordLass73 Fri 20-Nov-20 03:16:22

Dillythegardener I'm still here and thank you for asking about me.

You may remember I have trouble with my eyes and cut down quite severely on posts when my right eye went completely. As Doodle said, I post pretty much every day on Lockdown.

Callistemon Please come and join us, you too Dillythegardener - there's really no need to catch up, too big a job anyway. Just leap in with a few comment about your day, or on anything you've read.

Many people on that thread are going through extremely trying times, in addition to all the Corona restrictions, so we're there to support and encourage.

No caring word is ever wasted and there is comfort in knowing someone genuinely cares and is thinking about you. As I've just discovered when someone told me about this thread - thank you Dilly much appreciated. flowers

DillytheGardener Thu 19-Nov-20 23:58:51

Thank you Doodle and Calistemon, for letting me know what thread Bradfordlass is now spending time on. I don’t know her personally but enjoyed her GN presence, and thank you for the invite - I shall look for the thread now!

Callistemon Thu 19-Nov-20 17:32:15

Thank you Doodle
Perhaps I'll pop in and say hello.
I do feel out of touch, though, some catching up to do!

Doodle Thu 19-Nov-20 15:53:59

Callistemon you are more than welcome to pop into the Lockdown thread at any time. All are welcome to post as little or as much as they like. 😊

Doodle Thu 19-Nov-20 15:52:25

Dilly the delightful Bradfordlass is a wonderful asset to our Lockdown thread. Her posts and humour cheer us daily.
You can catch up with her there, or I’ll mention you were asking after her.

Callistemon Thu 19-Nov-20 15:05:04

Dilly I think BradfordLass is still posting on the Lockdown Thread - Keep Calm and Carry on (I think it's called that).

A nice, supportive thread and I wish I'd managed to keep up with it myself. It's good to hear news from New Zealand.

DillytheGardener Thu 19-Nov-20 14:55:39

I was thinking today I haven’t seen anything on here from Bradford lass and recently and wondered if she is okay or if she maybe no longer posted here? I miss her posts, advice and contributions.