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Waiting time for Grant of Probate

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granjan Wed 25-Nov-20 10:52:46

Is anyone else on here doing Probate at the moment or have done it recently?
Wondering how much longer it will be before the actual Grant of Probate will be issued! No solicitor involved.
Forms all filled in, Inheritance paid 5 weeks ago. So how long after all this has been done does it take?
House has been sold subject to the Grant being received.
Also, does anyone know if it’s sent by ordinary post, tracked or what? Am waiting for the postman to call each day.
Have been googling all this, but nothing comes, just advice on how to apply for it. Grrr!

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Nov-20 11:12:29

Mum died September 2019, probate granted in late March, a solicitor was used.

MawBe Wed 25-Nov-20 11:18:12

Paw died in early November 3 years ago, I think everything legal ground to a bit of a halt over Christmas that year, but probate was through by the end of January.
I used a solicitor because apart from anything else (eg I have a phobia about filling in firms blush ) the originals off our wills had to be tracked down apparently in some secure storage in Leicester after our original solicitors moved twice, changed their name and omitted to tell us.

SpringyChicken Wed 25-Nov-20 11:25:28

My nephew applied for probate when his mother died (about two years ago). No solicitor used, it took a couple of weeks if I remember correctly. Could you ask what the wait time is?

granjan Wed 25-Nov-20 11:35:55

That was quick MawBe!
I should have added, this was my bachelor brother in law who died, my late husband’s brother. No children and no other family apart from myself (an executor) and my two daughters, the eldest of course is his next of kin. He died very unexpectedly 29th May. A Will was left, his house - which was the family home since 1941 -and his savings left to myself and my two girls. Also, a bequest to his cousin - a joint executor. All fairly straightforward, so my youngest did all the forms - I too have a horror of filling in forms! Can’t exactly remember when the forms, Will etc were all sent off. It seems forever! The death certificate was returned weeks ago.

granjan Wed 25-Nov-20 11:41:06

SpringyChicken I probably could, but think it’s all to do with COVID 19 and lockdowns, don’t want to be one of those annoying people who add to their problem, not too sure I would get a proper answer. Need to leave it another week I think 🤔

spyder08 Wed 25-Nov-20 11:50:41

My Mum died late February this year and probate came through in June. All done online. As far as I remember the certificate came by ordinary post with no tracking or sign-for.

Fennel Wed 25-Nov-20 11:59:09

I was executor for Mum's will. When all forms etc completed I went in person to the place in London (?Probate Office) with all the documents. I had to wait awhile but was eventually given the grant of probate. We were living near London at the time.
The whole process of getting things together was so stressful, I didn't want to risk losing it all in the post.
i should imagine it can all be done online now,

Fennel Wed 25-Nov-20 12:11:27

ps I've looked at the Probate Office website and they say
" We are currently working on personal applications in the main around 5 to 6 weeks old and we will endeavour to take these to grant as soon as possible. We would ask at this time you only contact us if it is absolutely necessary and email us on the addresses above"

EllanVannin Wed 25-Nov-20 12:27:59

It usually takes about 4 months unless a lot of property and a complicated Will is concerned.

Herbie9 Wed 25-Nov-20 12:42:08

Agree with EllanVannin. Our daughter filled in all the forms after my dh died in 2019. It took about 4 months to receive it by ordinary post (surprised about this). As I understand it, its not a speedy process and should imagine with Covid hanging over us, it may take considerably longer.

granjan Wed 25-Nov-20 12:44:28

Thanks Fennel.
We were going to do it online, (at least my daughter was going to), but they need the email addresses of the executors. I have one, but my co executor doesn’t, so unfortunately, it meant using Royal Mail!
I have spent a small fortune on tracking and special delivery post!!

granjan Wed 25-Nov-20 12:46:30

Thanks everyone.
I just need to be patient, and I now know it will be sent by ordinary post!!

MrsThreadgoode Wed 25-Nov-20 12:57:39

MIL died this May, Probate was granted 4 weeks ago.