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Daylight lamps

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Mollygo Tue 08-Dec-20 13:55:17

Has anyone used these?
The optician said it would help my eyesight rather than the ‘warm’ lighting we have. The lamps seem expensive so I’d like some feedback that isn’t just in the sellers website if possible.

Casdon Tue 08-Dec-20 14:03:28

My mum has failing eyesight, so my brother and I clubbed together to get her a Serious Readers floor light for Christmas last year, and she says it’s made a huge difference to her being able to read. It came with a free desk lamp, which my Dad uses and is also very happy with - they are both in their nineties.

Chewbacca Tue 08-Dec-20 14:04:30

I've had my Opus daylight lamp for about 25 years now and it was very expensive when I bought it because they were sold specifically for crafters etc at that time. They're far more widely available now and very much cheaper. Mine weighs a ton compared to the desk top ones that are available these days too. The bulb in mine has never blown so I don't know how much replacement bulbs would be but I've seen LED daylight bulbs for sale in B&Q so they're unlikely to be too expensive. Have a look on Amazon, they have a huge range available.

MamaCaz Tue 08-Dec-20 14:09:09

When I needed a much brighter lamp for sewing and reading, and having seen how expensive the daylight lamps were, I bought a cheap floor lamp with a flexible neck (mine was from Ikea), then bought a white light bulb from somewhere like B&Q. It's been great.

If you do go down that route though, make sure that the lamp you buy can safely take a bulb of the output that you want, and won't pose a fire hazard.

Chewbacca Tue 08-Dec-20 14:12:44

I've just looked on Amazon and they have a desk top daylight lamp, complete with a bulb, for £19.99 with lots of 5 star reviews.

eazybee Tue 08-Dec-20 14:22:10

I have an Anglepoise with a daylight bulb, which is excellent.

Mollygo Tue 08-Dec-20 16:03:58

Thanks to all who have experience of using them and those who gave done the research for me. DH was asking what I’d like -and if I get one it will make my cross-stitch a lot easier.🤗

Mollygo Tue 08-Dec-20 16:04:52

‘Have done’ not ‘gave done’! I’m sure I checked it!

Chewbacca Tue 08-Dec-20 19:32:49

Mollygo if you want a daylight lamp to help with better vision whilst doing cross stitch (which is why I bought mine) I recommend that you get one with a magnifying glass attachment. The combination of clear, bright light and magnification makes seeing a small thread count 100% easier.

MiniMoon Tue 08-Dec-20 19:59:00

We have a floor standing reading lamp with daylight bulb. DH uses it when reading.
My Dad had daylight bulbs in the centre light in his sitting room. He liked them.

mokryna Tue 08-Dec-20 20:07:21

When you buy one make sure you can return it if it doesn’t suit. I bought one for my to daughter to study with, which gave her a headache and feel sick, fortunately the shop refunded the money, no questions asked.

Willow73 Tue 08-Dec-20 20:19:30

I have a lamp from SAA artist magazine. It clips onto cupboards etc and is recharged like a mobile phone and has three different levels of light. It wasn't expensive.
Fantastic best thing I have ever bought, I read, crochet, paint and sew and would be lost without it.
Buy One

Mollygo Sun 13-Dec-20 19:05:32

Thanks Willow 73. I’ve ordered one and a daylight bulb as well. I wish I thought of asking earlier.