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Flower delivery recommendations

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tanith Sat 19-Dec-20 12:18:18

I want to send some flowers to my daughters this week so just looking for anyone who’s recently sent flowers and been happy with the service. I was thinking interflora but then I noticed Amazon do them too so many choices.

Riverwalk Sat 19-Dec-20 12:28:03

I usually use Interflora tanith as I like to support the local florists that will make the delivery. I recently sent some to a friend and she sent me a picture of them and they were lovely.

For my birthday my sister sent Letterbox by Bloom & Wild and they were very good also. The flowers are in bud, and are flat-packed into a long box that can be posted in a letterbox if the recipient isn't home.

Bloom & Wild

2020convert Sat 19-Dec-20 12:31:27

I use Flower Card, and just wish someone would send me one, they are lovely 🤣

Nortsat Sat 19-Dec-20 12:32:35

I recommend Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers.
We use them frequently for family and friends.

They are in a box which fits through the letter box, so no missed deliveries.
They look fine when they arrive and then within 24 hours they really open out and are lovely.
We send them several times a year to my partner’s aunt who is 91 and in a care home. They are always well received.

I think B&W still have some Christmas delivery slots available but you probably need to order ASAP. 💐

BBbevan Sat 19-Dec-20 12:44:32

Scilly Flowers send wonderful bunches of scented narcissi this time of year. I have used them a lot over the years and thei quality ans service has always been excellent.

Septimia Sat 19-Dec-20 14:25:23

Bunches. Never been disappointed by the delivery or the quality

tanith Sat 19-Dec-20 14:49:02

Thanks everyone I’m off to order now.

grandMattie Sat 19-Dec-20 14:52:41

Bloom and wild or letterbox flowers. Both by post, both very good.

NonnaW Sat 19-Dec-20 14:53:48

Sorry, disagree about Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers. I arranged 3 x monthly deliveries for my sister, and each time they were returned to the Royal Mail depot as they wouldn’t go through the letterbox. I also had that happen when my sons sent me some, sadly it was over a weekend so they weren’t in the best condition when I got them!

Patsy70 Sat 19-Dec-20 14:59:20

When I send flowers I find a good florist local to the recipient. I always phone with my order, rather than message, and I’m never disappointed. However, my sister recently sent me a Cyclamen arrangement for Christmas from Bunches and it is beautiful.

Chardy Sat 19-Dec-20 16:54:09

I loved the Bloom & Wild flowers I was sent.

cornergran Sat 19-Dec-20 23:01:23

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive Bloom &Wild letterbox flowers twice in the last three days. Both beautiful. Only once had quality issues in the past, I sent a photo to B &W and after checking with me they refunded the purchaser (our son). The postie just leaves them propped against the door if we’re not here. They would go through our letterbox but it would be tight.

Casdon Sat 19-Dec-20 23:12:08

I’ve used Waitrose flower delivery for years, they are excellent.

tanith Sat 19-Dec-20 23:19:11

Well I eventually settled on interflora as they had a design I really liked but now I see they will only be able to deliver if the florists in the area are staying open for socially distanced deliveries. If I’d realised that before I ordered I’d of gone for the one of the letterbox flowers buggeration. I hope they let me know in good time and refund my money.

Laughterlines Sat 19-Dec-20 23:26:14

Use a florist local to recipient. Usually get a better bouquet as they know local person will be telling everybody if the flowers are not up to scratch. I google to find one. However I have had lovely bunches from M&S, Bloom and Wild, and interflora, so it’s your luck on the day I suppose.

Ashcombe Sat 19-Dec-20 23:33:31

Another vote for Bunches, a company I have used for years and never been disappointed. There are usually discount vouchers available if you search on Google.

Jessica321 Sat 19-Dec-20 23:40:13

Hi, just in case you do have to change your order I always use Bunches and have had no problems.
My sister uses Bloom and Wild, there is an offer on the Silversurfers website for them if you fit the criteria.

JuliaM Sat 19-Dec-20 23:40:55

I had some beautiful Pink Roses arrive from M&S just after my 60th Birthday. They lasted for over 3 weeks, and the perfume from them was lovely. They weredelivered to me by way of an appology for them mis-spelling my Name on my Birthday cake I had ordered from their online party food range, making me a 'Julie' instead of a Julia!

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Dec-20 00:16:54

I’d recommend Bloom & Wild as well, and they’ve had some really good offers on lately.

LadyGracie Sun 20-Dec-20 09:58:02

We had flowers this last week from a friend, she used Flowercard.
The flowers come in an oasis which you just top up with water, they were delivered on the. 11th and are still going strong.

lemongrove Sun 20-Dec-20 10:04:38

I always use M&S and as friends later send me pics of what arrived, they look lovely.Use the reviews on the M&S site though and go for those with the best ones.

littleflo Sun 20-Dec-20 10:05:55

Bloom and Wild. They last for ages so they are much better value than interflora

LyWa Sun 20-Dec-20 10:09:35

Bloom and Wild are fantastic, they always last for ages.