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Christmas day for three

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ExD Sat 19-Dec-20 14:20:06

This year we'll be spending The Day on our own, joined by our son who is currently going through a divorce. I know what would happen normally if just DH and I were alone, we'd sit down in front of the TV, he'd fall asleep and I'd watch whatever I fancied.
It seems a silly question, but I don't know what to do with DS, should I suggest a board game, or get the playing cards out, go for a walk (DH can't enjoy walks - problems with legs) or what????
I'm sure others will be in a similar situation, any ideas to share?

Septimia Sat 19-Dec-20 14:23:12

Why not let your DH have his nap in front of the television while you and DS go for a short walk?

Situpstraight2 Sat 19-Dec-20 14:29:47

We will be watching ‘The Grand Tour’ on Amazon, infantile I know, but usually so funny.
He might be your son but he is an adult and I’m sure he will have his own ideas for Christmas Day.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 19-Dec-20 14:48:45

Personally I would love for the chance to chat and find out how he’s doing, feeling etc. Walking and talking always works I think.

ginny Sat 19-Dec-20 15:25:14

Maybe ask him what he would like to do.
DH and I will just have my MIL with us. No chance of her playing a game or walking. Normally ( when all the family join us it would be games and walks) the TV is banned on Christmas Day.

ginny Sat 19-Dec-20 15:27:35

Cont. This year it’s TV or staring at each other most of the day. Mind you we’ll never get to watch anything and know what’s going on as she likes to ask questions all the way through. 🥴

M0nica Sat 19-Dec-20 15:29:30

Why not ask him? It seems the obvious solution to this problem.