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Sending a parcel

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minxie Sun 17-Jan-21 11:55:16

Someone a few days ago, said that you can now print off a postage label at home in order to send a parcel.
I have searched the Post Office site and I can't find anything.
Can any one help as I can't find the original post

NanaandGrampy Sun 17-Jan-21 11:58:14

You're looking to search Royal Mail Click and Collect.

You can do that every time or create an account which will then retain past addresses for you. Its very easy and convenient.

Beechnut Sun 17-Jan-21 11:59:56

It’s in Chat under I didn’t know this helpful to others minxie

Kim19 Sun 17-Jan-21 12:01:20

Old thread last used yesterday. Entitled 'Some of you may not know this......'

Witzend Sun 17-Jan-21 12:06:00

Google Royal Mail Click and Drop - that will find it.

You need scales* a printer, a ruler or tape measure, and something to stick the label on with - and plastic to pay with of course - but it’s very quick and easy.
I used it a lot shortly before Christmas.
*they don’t need to be accurate to the last gram - mine certainly aren’t - the weights/measures/costs bands are quite wide.

minxie Sun 17-Jan-21 20:03:15

Thank you Ladies

Fishpieplease Sun 17-Jan-21 20:31:51

I used the service for the first time this parcel was collected for an extra 60p,so much better than attempting the post office queue.