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Help! Lost thread !

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Newquay Sat 23-Jan-21 20:33:39

I saw a thread this morning discussing face creams -now can’t find it anywhere! How do I find it again?

janeainsworth Sat 23-Jan-21 21:05:44

Was it this one Newquay?

I just scrolled down active threads.
I’ve never been able to work the GN search facility!

Pittcity Sat 23-Jan-21 21:55:31

If you type "Gransnet face cream" or whatever you're looking for into Google, you get a better search result.

janeainsworth Sat 23-Jan-21 22:00:28

Thanks Pittcity I’ll try that next time.

welbeck Sat 23-Jan-21 22:07:31

OP, next time, if you are / might be interested in something, click on the orange box, watch this thread, which appears above the opening post.
then when you come back, click on, Watching, which is under, Gransnet forums, at the top of each page.