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family working abroad

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Cath9 Mon 25-Jan-21 19:02:07

Has anyone got an offspring or sibling who has to work abroad but has leave every certain amount of weeks?
I have just been listening to the Health Secretary, mostly the usual repeat gossip that we already know.
I realize it must be difficult for them but do any of them consider people who have to work abroad
My offspring has a virus test before his flight and 2 week break back with his family, also he has parked his own car in the airport etc.
I am finding it difficult and so must his wife and family to think that he would have to pay to spend his quarantine in a hotel away from his family, what is the use of coming back if that would be the case.

tanith Mon 25-Jan-21 19:25:27

I understand there will be exceptions fingers crossed 🤞

Peasblossom Mon 25-Jan-21 19:51:29

I can see it’s difficult but what do you think would be an alternative? Who should the exceptions be? How many exceptions would create a risk for everyone?

GagaJo Mon 25-Jan-21 20:14:16

I work abroad and can't come back be sure of the quarantine. It IS devastating but we all have to think of the greater good. If the UK keeps making exceptions, it will never get on top of the virus.

Hopefully I will be able to come back in a couple of months. But if not, I will have to deal with it. And unfortunately Cath, so will your son.

GagaJo Mon 25-Jan-21 20:14:48

Not be sure, because

welbeck Mon 25-Jan-21 20:18:59

agree with last two.

Spice101 Tue 26-Jan-21 05:47:29

There probably is no use to him coming back if he cannot be with family but I'm sure he is not alone and we are living in different conditions. Until we get the virus under control there will be many people affected in many ways and none are more important than others.

BlueBelle Tue 26-Jan-21 06:24:03

Best to stay where he is

Lollin Tue 26-Jan-21 06:50:35

But will he even be able to stay where he is!

NotAGran55 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:07:43

Why does he ‘need’ to leave where he is Cath .Do you mean that he wants to in order to return to his family?

When my brother worked in Kuwait he worked 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off , but he didn’t have to leave the country each time .

BlueBelle Tue 26-Jan-21 07:23:06

Well we don’t know where he is coming from
From what I ve read it will only be those coming from certain countries, but of course this could change so without knowing where he’s coming from we can’t really answer this (well we can’t anyway really)

Each government (however bad) is trying to keep the lid on this virus so surely however uncomfortable, it has to be adhered to

Elegran Tue 26-Jan-21 08:19:12

Would his employer pay for his hotel in quarantine? Or would they say that he is not forced to travel home, so it is his own choice?

M0nica Tue 26-Jan-21 08:35:28

I think this is quite a big problem.

There is an item on the BBC news about the plight of seamen, who work to a six month /7 day week contracts and then have a long leave. For some reason they are not considered key workers,like lorry drivers, even though 90% of global trade goes by sea and many have been trapped on their ships for months past their contracts with ho end in sight.

It is easy to be brave and self-sacrficing, when it is not your family, and I take my hat off to GagaJo, who is in that position, but, with due respect, being reasonably well housed on land is very different to being stuck on a ship endlessly travelling, like the Flying Dutchman.

I do think seafarers and similar should be treated like their onland equivalens, lorry drivers.

Cath9 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:47:38

Thanks all for your replies which I am most grateful for especially after searching for at least an hour to try and find my topic on this website!
I understand what most of you have pointed out about the difficulty of pleasing everyone, I certainly would not like to be a politician while this virus is going around as they are there for politics not health issues. I am just hoping that they may accept some countries and one being Mali where there are not that many covid cases especially where he works which is miles from anywhere.

It is his wife I am more concerned about as she is from Tanzania, a very positive clever young lady who went away to school and has a University degree. Fortunately she has now a British Citizenship but would so love to be back in Tanzania where the families look after each other no matter what age. Also my son does not like the UK, so they are really only living here for their children's education.

While the other one is at the other end, having a great life in NZ, so what have I done to make them want to tear off and be as far away as poss from me!


Summerlove Wed 27-Jan-21 16:59:55

I’m sure they don’t want to be away from you cath.

Some people just crave adventure and living in different areas.

As far as exceptions go, there are so many now, that quarantining really is for the best.

Nansnet Thu 28-Jan-21 06:46:41

Cath9 ... While the other one is at the other end, having a great life in NZ, so what have I done to make them want to tear off and be as far away as poss from me!

Cath, you obviously did a great job of bringing up a couple of kids with the confidence, and abilities, to get out there and make a good life for themselves. My husband and I were fortunate enough to do the same, many years ago, and now, our kids are off doing the same in other far flung places! We miss them, and we can no longer visit them, due to lockdowns and quarantines. It must be very difficult for your son & his family, but we will all get through this!