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Dying intestate

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Peasblossom Thu 04-Feb-21 15:39:54

Just to be clear.
I hope!

My grandmother and my great uncle were brother and sister.
My grandmother had three children, one of whom was my mother.
My great uncle had one child, let’s call her Mary. She died intestate and without children or siblings.

The estate went to back upwards to her mother and father. Both deceased.
Then to the brothers and sisters of her mother and father.
All deceased.
Then to the children of those brothers and sisters.
Some, including my mother, deceased.
Then to the children. ie the grandchildren of the brothers and sisters of Mary.
That was me, amongst others.

It sounds a bit complicated but basically if someone has died the money keeps going on down.

Can of worms it is. If it’s worth it. The amount can be quite small when it’s divided again and again.

EllanVannin Thu 04-Feb-21 15:10:33

Offspring of a deceased person's brother/ sister will always inherit alongside a living relative in cases of intestacy.

Stoker48 Thu 04-Feb-21 15:01:11

Oops, no Aunts and Uncles still living, just cousins. As I said, 4 cousins but one deceased. I couldn’t see if, in these circumstances, that the estate would be divided between the cousins and in the case of the deceased cousin, if their share went to his children.
Would prefer not to engage a solicitor at this point until we have has much info as possible.
If the siblings of the deceased cousin are not entitled then there is nothing to investigate. If they are then that opens up a can of worms.
Thank you for your input.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 04-Feb-21 14:15:35

Wouldn’t the Aunts and Uncles come first?

If none were living then it would be cousins, if a cousin is deceased then the cousins children would be next.

Stoker48 Thu 04-Feb-21 12:51:35

“.....And if a cousin is deceased their children will inherit their share.”
Thanks for replies.
It was Peas response that particularly answered my question. From what she said, if a entitled cousin is deceased, then their children would receive their part of the inheritance.
We couldn’t ascertain if that was the case or if the slice of inheritance could not be passed down to another layer in the event of one of the beneficiaries having pre deceased.
Thank you

Beechnut Thu 04-Feb-21 12:00:56

There are companies that look for relatives. If the cousin is deceased and was married they will get in touch with the spouse.

Nannarose Thu 04-Feb-21 11:52:05

If you go onto and follow the links - what to do when somebody dies - you will find the legal current situation in England & Wales (I assume there's some sort of link for Scotland too)

Peasblossom Thu 04-Feb-21 11:46:38

And if a cousin is deceased their children will inherit their share.

I once, when I was young, got a very welcome five hundred pounds this way🙂

EllanVannin Thu 04-Feb-21 11:38:31

Yes, blood cousins of the deceased would inherit.

Stoker48 Thu 04-Feb-21 11:34:14

I’m asking this question for a young relative of mine and it doesn’t affect me directly. We have both googled independently for more info and neither of us can see a definite answer.
If an unmarried, childless person with no significant other, no siblings and both parents also deceased dies without a Will who inherits?
There were four cousins. One is deceased.
Am I right in assuming that the cousins would then inherit? With regard to the deceased cousin, would their share trickle down to their children ( ie cousins once removed, I think) or would their entitlement die with them?
I do appreciate any clarity on this
Thank you.