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50th birthday (in lockdown)

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Beesh Mon 15-Feb-21 19:59:40

Along with many others who have missed out on “big” birthday celebrations my Son in Law will be 50 on 5th March. Along with my daughter we are at a loss as to what to get him as a gift. She is going to let him choose a nice watch when they are able to get to the shops but what do we get as an interim? I was thinking of purchasing “an experience” in the hope he may be able to do it in the next few months but any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. He doesn’t really have much time for hobbies as his job and his family take up most of his time.

Jaxjacky Mon 15-Feb-21 20:35:25

If he’s into it a male spa day, a day of not work or family, just relaxation.

Allegretto Mon 15-Feb-21 21:08:45

A magazine subscription - maybe a wine magazine or a gardening one.
A monthly delivery of chocolate/wine/plants....
A gadget of some sort or a new iPad, if that would be within budget.

Lolo81 Tue 16-Feb-21 10:58:19

My parents had a big anniversary last year during lockdown and my brother and I chipped in and got them a lovely meal delivered. It was from a local restaurant, so not your typical takeaway - a three course dinner and we dropped off a nice bottle of wine. They were thrilled and mum was chuffed she could put her feet up! We just sent them the menu and got them to pick their dinner. Maybe that could be an idea?

Redhead56 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:18:35

I purchased a bird of prey experience and an Aston Martin experience for my DH. It was a few years ago but he really did enjoy both of these gifts.

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 16-Feb-21 11:28:15

Last year for my birthday, my DD's arranged to have an afternoon tea delivered - it was lovely, I enjoyed it very much. Not sure if it would be to your SiL's taste though

shavindhi Tue 16-Feb-21 11:55:03

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