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What has happened to the Tipping thread?

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Espana Fri 19-Feb-21 15:02:13

Was it taken off? Did it get too toxic!

Ellianne Fri 19-Feb-21 15:05:27

No idea, I've been busy, though I do rather fancy a H & M thread after today's announcement and stinky reply!
Now that would get toxic!

BlueBelle Fri 19-Feb-21 15:05:54

Still there espana
Do you tip for online deliveries

crazyH Fri 19-Feb-21 15:08:43

Agree Ellianne - why don’t you start the topic - you’ll have a loads of responses, including mine

Espana Fri 19-Feb-21 15:09:06

Thanks Elaine and Bluebell.

Sparkling Sun 21-Feb-21 06:35:10

Are you talking about on live deliveries? I've never had one but if I did I would tip a couple of pounds, I think they have been wonderful working through all this as have supermarket staff. The other day in Tesco, I said as much to a girl stacking shelves, her eyes filled up and she said thank you that means a lot we come in for a lot of abuse,,how xnan peope be do jean spirited ?