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Taking up curtains. Help!

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mumski Sun 21-Feb-21 08:57:13

I've got a pair of curtains in the lounge which go down to the floor and cover the radiator. I want to take them up to allow more heat into the room.
However do I take them to just above the radiator which perhaps looks better but heat will go up behind them when drawn? Alternatively take them to to just on the window ledge? As you can guess I'm not much of a sewer so don't want to get it wrong. Thank you

Septimia Sun 21-Feb-21 09:11:38

I'd say it depends on which is more important to you, the look of the curtains (how nicely they hang) or the heat.

If the heat is more important I'd say shorten them so that they will just tuck behind the radiator when drawn, then all the heat will come into the room. If you want them to hang nicely, then I'd suggest windowsill length.

Polarbear2 Sun 21-Feb-21 09:24:10

I had this dilemma. I don’t like short curtains and like you I thought the heart would just go behind the curtain anyway. In the end I bought blinds for the windows with thermal lining and left the curtains open. Sorry that’s probably not much help ?

Visgir1 Sun 21-Feb-21 09:26:33

Agree with Septimia, however my Mother used to teach home furnishings at College /night school.
She always said if you need to take curtains up do at the top not bottom. Unpick the heading of you want to use again or buy new. Correct the size from the top, sew on new heading tape, but you will need a sewing machine to make it easier.
The hem stays perfect.
Good luck

V3ra Sun 21-Feb-21 09:32:00

Just another thought... how about leaving the curtains full-length, but fitting a thermal blind inside the window recess and using that when the heating is on instead of closing the curtains?
You could close the curtains when the radiator is off so you'd still have that "look" then.

V3ra Sun 21-Feb-21 09:33:05

Polarbear2 crossed posts!

Georgesgran Sun 21-Feb-21 10:15:07

V3ra and Polarbear2 my thoughts exactly. I’m doing that in one room where the window sill length curtains are very fine and the heat from the radiator just goes up behind them. I usually keep them open as we aren’t overlooked.

mumski Sun 21-Feb-21 12:32:06

Thank you for all your great suggestions and good advice. I'm going to investigate the thermal blind option which I hadn't thought about before. That's my homework for today.