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Where is Allegra Stratton?

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Riverwalk Sun 21-Feb-21 09:40:24

She was engaged just before Xmas on a reported £100,000 salary as Downing Street press secretary and supposedly holding daily press briefings from January, West Wing style.

What happened - did I miss something?

paddyanne Sun 21-Feb-21 09:48:31

maybe she wants to wait for the new multi million pound TV studio being finished....apparently Bojo was very envios of Trump having a TV studio in the White house and wanted one the same .Well its only TAXPAYERS money!!

Alegrias1 Sun 21-Feb-21 10:01:25

I wondered that.

Apparently now is not the time grin

Riverwalk Sun 21-Feb-21 11:59:36

I wonder if she's still getting paid!

Blinko Sun 21-Feb-21 12:02:53

Behind the scenes, No.10 seems to be in chaos again, according to various press reports...