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daughter is such a heartache

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catbut Sat 06-Mar-21 21:57:33

Hi I am sorry I just need to rant a bit. My daughter is expecting her third child. marriage broken down, but still sharing same house due to money, and pregnant with different fella who has zero respect or care for her. when he found out she pregnant ran a mile didn't want to know for 7 months. no contact whatsoever. now she is due any day he had decided he misses her and cares. now we all know this is purely because decided wants to know the child, but of course will try and get round her agreeing to contact by saying he cares. she has fallen for it. to the point wants the ex husband to move out for a week when baby born so the other guy can stay and play 'happy families'. I am so upset over it all. I can't believe she is falling for it all over again. her ex by far a million times better person than the other idiot. sad that their marriage didn't work but that's another long story. sorry just needed to rant.

NellG Sat 06-Mar-21 22:04:53

To think we used to moan when they were toddlers, best wishes catbut wish I had some stellar advice other than grit your teeth and pray. flowers

nanna8 Sat 06-Mar-21 23:08:10

If I were her ex I wouldn’t be moving out of my own home in any circumstances. How difficult for you to stand by and watch the train wreck! Hopefully when the baby is a bit older she will be more independent but I could sympathise with her just now in her vulnerable position.

mokryna Sat 06-Mar-21 23:48:02

Sorry to hear your predicament. They say we shouldn’t meddle but I don’t think her ex should move out if it is their house, it could be said he made himself voluntarily homeless. Moreover, he may not be able to return, as the other two may say they live as a family.

V3ra Sun 07-Mar-21 00:27:45

Who will look after the other two children if the ex-husband moves out? I'm presuming they're his?
I can't see the new fella taking on this responsibility.
What a nightmare for you catbut.