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Husband with dementia

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Jeannie59 Thu 18-Mar-21 22:18:42

My husband is 80 and I am 65, He has recently been diagnosed with probable vascular dementia
I started to notice a problem around 2 years ago and at the moment all is fine.
But as the condition progresses, I realise it is going to be hard work
Both my daughters live in the US and Oz with all my 4 grandchildren, so I won't have any help from family
Is anyone else in this situation and or experienced the progression of this dementia?

BlueBelle Thu 18-Mar-21 22:49:23

I nursed my Nan for the last three years of her life with vascular dementia and mum had Alzheimer’s for seven or eight years Nan came to live with me and it was very hard work as I had three small children at the time Looking back now I can see so many things I could / should have done differently but it was over 30 years ago and there is so much more understanding knowledge and help than there was then
Take whatever help you are offered and if the time comes you need some respite for yourself take what you can without feeling guilty There are charities, helplines, groups etc that weren’t around for me but will be so helpful now
Good luck Jeannie