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Present ideas for an “awkward customer “

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Lucca Fri 19-Mar-21 13:46:39

My cousin and friend. I can’t give her “smellies” due to a serious skin condition. Many food allergies too. I seem to do earrings and scarves in rotation....found lovely mug last time.
Books tricky too. Any ideas ??

PamelaJ1 Fri 19-Mar-21 13:52:46

Something Eco friendly ? Bamboo knickers that go on the compost heap when they are worn out?

Lucca Fri 19-Mar-21 13:53:54

Maybe eco, but not knickers sorry!

hulahoop Fri 19-Mar-21 13:57:36

My friend bought me a lovely bracelet pull on so no fastening ,a nice manicure set , ,trinket boxes are nice ,you can order afternoon tea if she can eat that sort of thing or maybe a I owe a meal for when everything reopens .

Peasblossom Fri 19-Mar-21 13:58:47

Jigsaw, crossword book, notelets or nice writing paper, magazine subscription, those really cool socks that someone posted about a few days ago?

PamelaJ1 Fri 19-Mar-21 13:58:47

😂😂 They are really nice.

Lucca Fri 19-Mar-21 14:09:07

Thank you all ! I took the eco knickers idea and turned it into a gift box of bamboo socks, found, ordered. Job done !!
But happy for the thread to continue as I can clock up other ideas !

PamelaJ1 Fri 19-Mar-21 14:14:17


Callistemon Fri 19-Mar-21 14:58:35


Thank you all ! I took the eco knickers idea and turned it into a gift box of bamboo socks, found, ordered. Job done !!
But happy for the thread to continue as I can clock up other ideas !

I like bamboo socks.
Where did you order them from if that's not being nosy? I used to get mine in TK Maxx

Lucca Sat 20-Mar-21 06:41:04

Pricey but she’s been a great support to me over this last year !

Hetty58 Sat 20-Mar-21 07:04:59

I do like bamboo ones. Are they seamless? (I have sensitive skin so can only wear the seamless sort.)

Lucca Sat 20-Mar-21 07:21:44

Sorry I don’t know ! I ordered them without too much thought.

SpringyChicken Sat 20-Mar-21 08:01:04

Hetty, Sockshop sell seamless bamboo socks, they are very comfortable. Highly recommended.

Party4 Sat 20-Mar-21 08:52:57

Present ideas will be great to read.I have numerous elderly aunts etc who are diabetic so biscuits/chocs are out and I overheard one say they could set up a shop with toiletries and what's this thing with candles.I have in past given a voucher for local stores selling food,flowers,clothing etc then a small gift bag with a note saying "a little of what we fancy does us the world of good" and put mini wine/sherry,handcream,puzzle book,pen anything in a small taster size.Have also made Xmas hampers made up of small items which actually can cost more than big, then scattered foil wrapped sweets here and there before wrapping in cellophane.For wine drinkers a 6 bottle wine carrier box labelled "have a trip around world on us " then fill with assorted wines from around the world,we have done this for various anniversarys etc.I have also purchased and worn bamboo socks from TKMax they feel so comfy and soft.

Ellianne Sat 20-Mar-21 08:55:04

Gardening stuff like pretty gloves, crocs, kneeling mat. Unless she is allergic to plants and flowers.
Kitchen stuff like a pretty apron, oven gloves, cake tins or cake stands.
Toiletries bag. Photo frame. Shopping basket.

Lucca Sat 20-Mar-21 09:45:51

Ah didn’t think of gardening stuff

Grandmadinosaur Sat 20-Mar-21 19:25:46

I have a dear friends Birthday in next couple of months. I always find it a problem what to get her especially as she’s always spot on with whatever she buys for me. I like the idea of a magazine subscription so that’s her sorted this year. Thanks Lucca for posting this and Peasblossom for the recommendation.

midgey Sat 20-Mar-21 19:36:09

Please could I have suggestions now? My American sister will be eighty in April, she lives in Florida. Any ideas?

lemsip Sat 20-Mar-21 19:41:48

thanks for bamboo socks idea, I shall be getting some.

googled and loads online.

a good thread Lucca.

Jane43 Sat 20-Mar-21 20:19:37

I always find lovely things in TKMaxx, all sorts of things from toiletries, soap, jewellery, sweets and chocolates, stationery (they have lovely notebooks), photograph albums, kitchen items, bathroom items, vases, trinket boxes etc. Of course they aren’t open yet but will be in a couple of weeks. midgey there is a lovely bakery/coffee shop in the USA called Panera Bread, they also do sandwiches, soups and salads, really good quality. We love to go there for lunch when we are in the USA, I’m sure they do online vouchers and there are lots of branches in Florida.

Jane43 Sat 20-Mar-21 20:23:28

midgey Panera Bread do plastic or e gift cards.

midgey Wed 24-Mar-21 19:05:56

Thank you Jane.

cornishpatsy Wed 24-Mar-21 19:36:53

My go-to gifts are candles, priced according to the person or alcohol which is usually chocolate gin from Hotel Chocolat.