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hebburnsent Sat 08-May-21 00:15:35

Be grateful for reviews please. Currently using Specsavers NHS but wondering if it is worth upgrading

Aldom Mon 10-May-21 18:59:15

I have NHS hearing aids. Mine are over three years old but still great. I have had private hearing aids in the past, but wouldn't go down that route again as I have found my NHS aids to be more efficient.

Nonogran Mon 10-May-21 19:31:50

I have bi-lateral NHS hearing aids. I have had them since 2003 & they are good enough for me. I have quite severe hearing loss.
I am blessed with an excellent audiology department at our city hospital. They are open to walk ins without appointments for returning & repairs and also have a place in the town centre when I'm down that way.
I would like to try private aids but the cost puts me off & if they were no better than my NHS aids I'd be very cross!

Nonogran Mon 10-May-21 19:33:06

returning?? I meant "re-tubing".