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Remembering people who have died

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Bankhurst Sun 04-Jul-21 11:48:57

As we know, many people have died during the COVID crisis, and I wondered how their families will commemorate them.
My DGCs grandfather on the other side died 5 years ago, but the children, now 15 and 12, instigated a Pete/Grandad Memorial Day when they have chips for lunch and iced fancy cakes in the afternoon while watching horse racing on TV. I think it’s very fitting - any other ideas?

Skydancer Sun 04-Jul-21 11:56:05

A lady I know buys flowers to put beside a photo of her late mother on what would have been the mother's birthday. I think this is a nice idea.

dragonfly46 Sun 04-Jul-21 12:07:43

I always have a vase of flowers next to my parent's photo because they loved them.

Chloejo Sun 04-Jul-21 13:48:23

I light a candle by mums photo and remember happy times