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End of triple lock

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grannygranby Fri 09-Jul-21 11:07:40

According to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) pensioners in the United Kingdom receive around a third (29%) of a working wage when they retire, compared to the OECD average of 63%.

Let that sink in…50% of working wage is given to pensioners in France, USA and Germany. Uk pensioners get under 30% which is appalling and why the triple lock is in place to gradually make uk pensions more equable to other countries.
Because of a fluke of the pandemic that would mean pensioners might get an £8 pay rise next year instead of the usual £2.50. So much ignorance on this most people don’t have public sector or orivate pensions but they don’t make a fuss cos they often don’t have smartphones.
People seem to think pensioners are selfish baby boomers. That is so unfair. They confuse rich pensioners on public sector and private pensions with the majority just on the state pension of £170 per week. The former won’t notice it and pay tax, the latter need a rise badly. Our pensioner poverty rate is shameful.
What do you think ? I’m fed up with the trope of ‘greedy pensioners’ and the triple lock as if it’s generous! It’s usually not enough to buy a coffee in Starbucks. Fuelled by ignorance. Rant over

tanith Fri 09-Jul-21 11:10:26

There a already a longer thread about this grannygranby

Jaxjacky Fri 09-Jul-21 11:36:22

Under News & Politics if you’re looking for it grannygranby

growstuff Fri 09-Jul-21 11:45:28

Incidentally, if the triple lock stands, the increase wouldn't be £8. It would be 8%, which is usually more.