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Pocket money for a Grandchild

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tanith Fri 09-Jul-21 19:27:10

My 16 yr old GD gets pocket money from her Mum & Dad they put it on her bank card and I do the same at the moment. She goes to college in September so how much would you say was reasonable amount monthly to help out a GC at college? I will also probably help her Mum if there are lots expenses like books etc.

Infinity2 Fri 09-Jul-21 21:12:34

How about just giving her a lump sum if you can afford it ? Maybe a thousand pounds ? I think she’s very lucky to have such a wonderful grandmother who wants to help. She’ll be worth every penny of it as you are investing in her future.

Sardinia2020 Fri 09-Jul-21 21:17:26

£40 maybe.

ElaineI Fri 09-Jul-21 21:24:31

I would give a monthly amount as it would be useful to her knowing she was getting some money on a set day each month. Once a one off amount is gone that's it. There are all sorts of things like bus passes, meals etc which that could help with. Don't know your circumstances but I save £20 monthly for each grandchild in a bank account and they get roughly £10 each to do with as they please. 7yo likes putting it in the bank, 4yo likes to buy things and 3yo buys monster trucks! So that's £30 monthly but they are still very young.

3dognight Fri 09-Jul-21 22:14:57

Is she going to college from home?
Train passes, bus passes, if she is away from home-that would be a big help?
A big shop every so often?

NotSpaghetti Fri 09-Jul-21 22:15:50

This entirely depends on your available cash.
College isn't expensive if she's living at home.

NotSpaghetti Fri 09-Jul-21 22:17:00

She's 16 3dog so it's almost certainly like doing A'levels at school.

BigBertha1 Fri 09-Jul-21 22:22:43

I have given my GS £25 a month forever and a £20 note every time I see him...used to be every couple if months now more frequent. He is 17 so I think I should increase this and think about how I can help when he is at Uni.

cornishpatsy Fri 09-Jul-21 22:33:21

It really depends on how much you can afford. I would give £100 a month.

Ski66 Fri 09-Jul-21 22:39:19

When my daughter was at uni we supported her with a set amount of money. There were times when that was a struggle so I did a Tesco in line shop for her with lots of treats. She always loved that.

timetogo2016 Fri 09-Jul-21 22:42:09

Since my grandchildren were born,i have given them £5 per month each which will end when they reach the age of 16.
It isn`t alot but it may help them get by at some point as it`s put into a savings account.
It is up to them how they spend it.

tanith Fri 09-Jul-21 23:14:47

She is going to be at home and will get free bus travel as we are in London. Thanks all for your suggestions as I said she will get some monthly money from Mum and Dad ( they’ve been separated many years) I have 6 older than her GC that I wasn’t able to help support at college as I didn’t have the means then so I do feel a bit guilty giving her money but I’m going to do it anyway. I’ll probably settle on £40/50 and buy clothes or money for birthdays and Christmas.
Thanks for the input.