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Atqui Mon 30-Aug-21 23:38:43

I’m looking into buying an all cotton duvet 4.5 togs. John Lewis sells them but several,reviews say the filling goes into clumps. Does anyone have any recommendations ?

Chestnut Mon 30-Aug-21 23:47:17

Not tried John Lewis but I've had the clumping problem in the past even with M&S duvets a few years back which were appalling. It felt like someone had thrown a few balls of cotton wool into a case. There were places which had no filling at all. I then bought Fogarty duvets which were fine (no clumps) but now seem to be several inches shorter than the duvet cover. I really don't know what to recommend.

Jillyjosie Tue 31-Aug-21 01:52:26

I recently bought a 4.5 tog duvet from Sainsburys own brand. I am surprised at how light and warm it is, but not hot, just right for the season.

The filling is in panels and shows no sign of clumping. I've always been fussy about duvets thinking I must spend a fortune on down and cotton but this duvet is a revelation.

3dognight Tue 31-Aug-21 03:20:47

I’ve got Sainsbury duvets on both beds.
They have given good service and no clumping. Dry clean fine.

silverlining48 Tue 31-Aug-21 08:22:56

I have had Asda 4.5 for some years and they don’t clump and can be washed.
Anything more than 4.5 is too hot so used throughout the year.
IKEA also have a good range.

glammanana Tue 31-Aug-21 09:56:12

I have used a 4.5tog from Dunelm for a few years now and it has never "clumped" at all a really good buy imo.

ExDancer Tue 31-Aug-21 10:06:39

Are these recommendations cotton or synthetic? I can't find a cotton one that doesn't clump either.

M0nica Tue 31-Aug-21 10:29:56

How about wool duvets. Does anyone have any experience of them? We need a new duvet and, although wool duvets are expensive, they ahve good reviews, but i would like to hear from someone who has one.

DD hasreplaced her duvet with good old fashoined wool blamkets and sings the praises of woolen bedding.

JaneJudge Tue 31-Aug-21 10:35:26

If it is quilted like this? it shouldn't clump at all. Same with wool that is quilted. It has a tendency to felt together over time but if sewn in sections like above, it should be fine.

Atqui Tue 31-Aug-21 16:36:07

I’ve had 4.5?tog duvets before but particularly wanted a cotton one. Wool might be quite good unless the moths discover it!!

SueDonim Tue 31-Aug-21 19:01:03

I’ve got a wool duvet. I bought it from Baavet a couple of years ago. It’s a ‘medium’ warmth - it doesn’t have a tog value on it. That’s fine except for in the coldest weather (which was minus 17 last winter 🥶) when we put a throw on top as well.

The main disadvantage is that it’s very heavy. I bought a super king size and it’s like wrestling with an elephant to change the cover.

M0nica Tue 31-Aug-21 19:43:39

Sue Thanks for that, the weight aspect would be a problem.

Back to square one, I think. probably start looking at feather duvets instead.

Ailidh Tue 31-Aug-21 19:57:57

Plus one for wool filled duvets here.

I bought mine from Soak and Sleep a few years ago, choosing an "autumn weight". It's fine all year round, except in the depth of winter.
I've recently downsized to a single bed, and have ordered another autumn weight duvet but this time a single to boost the double one, which I still use.
No clumping.

gt66 Tue 31-Aug-21 21:54:33

I have a 4.5 tog 100% cotton duvet (cover and filling). It's pocket stitched and has never clumped. I use it all the year round, but with an extra cover, which I can throw off if I get too warm!

Bought from M&S several years ago.

B9exchange Tue 31-Aug-21 23:01:45

We have a 100% silk duvet we brought back from China and it is wonderful, warm in winter and light in summer. Very lightweight, wouldn't suit those who like weighted blankets! The interior is just teased out silk cocoons.

SpringyChicken Tue 31-Aug-21 23:26:54

Monica, feather duvets are very heavy. Down is much lighter. If you don't mind synthetic, you could try Spundown duvets with peach soft casing. We have them on the spare beds and they are excellent. They also squash down easily for washing in domestic washing machines.
Tog for tog, I would imagine that cotton duvets are also heavy. Similarly, cotton jumpers are heavier and not as warm as other fibres.

SusieB50 Tue 31-Aug-21 23:38:34

I have had a wool duvet for about 5 years and love it , never feel sweaty under it and I don’t think it’s very heavy .I think it’s a 4.5 tog but warm enough in winter and cool in the spring . I do use sheets and a light cotton cover in summer . Since the menopause I always feel hot in bed .

M0nica Wed 01-Sep-21 08:19:13

B9exchange I hadn't thought of silk. It is presumably washable.

Atqui Wed 01-Sep-21 11:02:45

gt66 thanks I’ll check out M and S but they didn’t come I on my Google sesrch. Failing that I’ll probably try the John Lewis one and complain if it “clumps”

PinkCosmos Wed 01-Sep-21 11:07:35

I have Siberian goose down. The duvet was quite expensive but it is light weight but still warm enough.

B9exchange Fri 10-Sep-21 22:05:07

Monica no, sadly it is not washable, but the silk farm in Beijing assured me that I wouldn't need to, just to wash the cover! 😃 I do put it outside to air every so often, it certainly doesn't smell! grin