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I’d love to find a 1970’s oven

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Gr8dame Tue 31-Aug-21 09:23:53

During the 1970’s I went to an agricultural show and saw a farmers wife doing cookery demonstrations using a plug in electric oven. I remember that the oven had a door which lifted off completely and was placed on the top of the appliance whilst she took cooked food out. I bought one and used it for many years and my daughters fondly remember learning to cook in it..
Can anyone remember these cookers please? I just can’t remember the brand name or find a picture online.

Silverbridge Tue 31-Aug-21 09:48:14

I can't vouch for a removable door but could it have been a Baby Belling? English Electric made some cookers which had peg-hinged lift off-doors. Do either of these brand names ring a bell with you?

M0nica Tue 31-Aug-21 10:33:30

I remember the Baby Belling, the mainstay of bedsit living everywhere for several decades. I used several over the years.

However heat control was poor and I was so relieved to leave the Baby Bellings to their fate as I moved to a flat with a proper kitchen.

Gr8dame Tue 31-Aug-21 10:53:50

I remember the baby belling too, we had one at work and used it to heat soups and pasties at lunchtime. It was tiny wasn’t it?
The cooker I’m looking for was almost the size of a full oven.
My daughter has a special birthday coming up and I’d love to get a picture of the oven to use in a collage of events through her life. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten the brand name!!

timetogo2016 Tue 31-Aug-21 10:57:13

I had a baby belling when i first got married in the 70`s.
I had forgotten about it, so thank you for bringing lovely memories back Gr8dame.

Feelingmyage55 Tue 31-Aug-21 11:06:04

You can buy an oven where the door opens downwards and slides underneath out of the way, while you lift dishes in and out. Sorry, don’t know the brand, but would be a better oven, with the facility you want.

Silverbridge Tue 31-Aug-21 11:09:05

Ah! I was assuming that as you saw it as a show, that it was smaller and more portable. The brands that I recall from the 1970s were Creda, Tricity, Bendix and Electrolux. Hoping that a brand name will trigger your memory. But are you saying the one you remember was just a oven without a hob?

Sago Tue 31-Aug-21 13:13:27

Is it a Remoska?

Gr8dame Tue 31-Aug-21 13:14:38

You’re correct Silverbridge it didn’t have a hob but the fact that it had a 15amp plug made it unique at the time.

eazybee Tue 31-Aug-21 15:22:28

I had a wonderful Canon cooker with a built in rotisserie which opened up in the grill. The best way of roasting meat ever, on a rotating spit.

felice Tue 31-Aug-21 16:40:46

I have a Rowenta table top oven, I used to use it when I was still catering, it also has a grill and rotisserie.
It sits on top of the freezer and i use it all the time as it is quicker than heating up the main oven.
I have had it for about 22 years.

harrigran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:37:37

Slide away doors are on Neff ovens Feeling my age, I have two of these ovens but one of the door mechanisms ceased to function, not terribly reliable.

Georgesgran Wed 01-Sep-21 07:49:02

A Cannon Cordon Bleu eazy.
It was the dog’s whatsits in the 70’s.

Grannynannywanny Wed 01-Sep-21 07:58:02

Flavel and New World were popular makes of ovens in the 60s and 70s. But I don’t specifically remember any with removable doors. I’m intrigued now!