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Shower seat recommendation please

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bridie54 Mon 20-Sep-21 22:58:12

DH health deteriorated quite quickly and I need to get a shower seat. As I don’t think you can trust online reviews I thought I’d see if any GN’ers could recommend a shower seat (not a stool) or warn me off of any they’ve had issues with.
Sorry this post first appeared in the wrong place 😕. Head’s a bit scrambled just now.

Granmarderby10 Tue 21-Sep-21 23:32:41

Hi bridie54 I cannot recommend one but I would like a new one after throwing the old one out. It was from mediquip who deliver various aids to people who have been discharged after surgery -in this case hip replacement, to enable safer bathing.
We had it for 5 years it was a bench type that tightens with plastic screws to fit the width of the bath. It was all white plastic and looked ok but after ages trying to locate the source of a musty odour in the bathroom without success I finally discovered it was from the moulded whit slats where the water had penetrated and saturated the wadding inside. Hey presto pong gone! So I will bear this in mind when choosing a new one It was for my partner but I found it useful for either end of the bath. I know they can be bought through those home health care magazines but have yet to spot one that doesn’t scream “care home” perhaps a pastel colour like blue or aqua would be nice

Hetty58 Tue 21-Sep-21 23:44:13

Ugly, I know - but safety first in this case - so something non slip like this:

Teacheranne Wed 22-Sep-21 01:01:34

I use a shower stool and find legs are a bit of a problem on my shower tray which had drainage ridges on the bottom. The rubber ends of the legs do not sit flat on the tray and over time the legs can splay out and become weak. Also they have a maximum weight and many are intended for people who weigh less than me! I am thinking about getting a fold up seat which attaches to the wall but I’d need to check maximum weight and also I’m not sure how long they last, I’ve bought two stools in less than three years so I don’t want to keep replacing a fixed seat.

I know the real answer is to lose weight, I am trying!

bridie54 Thu 23-Sep-21 13:01:27

Thanks for these responses. The chair I’m looking at has no padding anywhere and I’m more concerned with it being safe and suitable rather than what colour it is. If I remember correctly it’s white with silver coloured metal legs.
Must just check that the legs will fit in the space of the shower ok. Think it should be fine as we went for a nice roomy shower tray when we did the bathroom.
If I remember I’ll post here about how my choice turns out.