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Which job shall I take?

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Knittingnovice Tue 28-Sep-21 18:02:16

I've had 2 interviews and need a job, although I'll get decision tomorrow I need help deciding.

Job 1 zoom interview so couldn't get office vibe, more pay and temporary always office never home based

Job 2 manager ok, 3 hour daily commute although hybrid when I've proven myself, less pay, probably become permanent

Also, if I'm offered one job before the other what do I say?

It's so tricky zoom to get proper impression but 1.5 hour daiky commute

GrandmaKT Tue 28-Sep-21 18:10:05

Nice to have options!
Both long commutes, 3 hours a day would be horrendous to me!
How long to you foresee you will be working for? If it's only a few years, the permanency of job two isn't so relevant.
Just be honest if you are offered one job first, say you have had two interviews today and you are waiting to hear from the other one. Also tell them that the other one is more money! If they want you they may offer to meet or better the other salary.
Hope it works out for you x

Knittingnovice Tue 28-Sep-21 18:18:33

Thanks GrandmaKT,
I agree about the commute but I need a job so would consider a month before the hybrid, part home and part office.
Good point about the permanent side, one job was temp due to sickness so less guarantees if that makes sense.

Knittingnovice Tue 28-Sep-21 18:18:58

That's a great point about the money smile

emmaparkers Thu 28-Oct-21 15:58:06

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Katie59 Thu 28-Oct-21 17:03:34

I’d go for the shorter commute but I would want to see the office for real first. Must be well paid if you travel that far.

JaneJudge Thu 28-Oct-21 17:06:42

which one do you think you'll like the most? smile
I would not want to travel 1.5hrs each way but if it would lead to something I really wanted to do, it would be worth the short term pain?

JaneJudge Thu 28-Oct-21 17:07:26

OH BLOODY HELL who had revived this bloody thread
OP please come back and tell us what you have done/decided

Mapleleaf Thu 28-Oct-21 17:14:40

3 hour daily commute is a lot, makes for a long day on top of your working hours. I know people do it, but it wouldn’t have suited me. However, as the other job is only temporary, perhaps it’s the one to go for. The other consideration is the higher wage though. As I read it the one with the long commute is the one with the lower salary? How much of that lower salary would you spend on commuting expenses? Would you be better considering the temporary one, but continue looking for something more permanent that doesn’t have the lengthy commute of the one you’ve had the interview for? Might the temporary one possibly lead to a permanent role at some future time? Sorry, I’m not much help, really.

Knittingnovice Fri 29-Oct-21 15:02:06

I didn't get any of them!!!
The zoom interview was hard to get an impression, and I've noticed the roles are advertised and changing. They obviously don't know whatvtey want.

Job 2 we discussed the commute and she also asked when I can start. Possibly the other candidate was local.

Being confident is good, but I thought I would get 2 job offers and have nothing smile

Puzzled Sat 30-Oct-21 15:08:23

TOUGH! and disappointing.
After being redundant had to work on contract. Not knowing, all the time, if I had work for the next month was pretty nervewracking. It took 4 years to get back, permanently, to a job that I had held some years before, at the same pay as before.
But better than being unemployed!
As I got older, security became more important.

JaneJudge Sat 30-Oct-21 15:10:15

Hopefully you'll find something soon knittingnovice smile

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 30-Oct-21 15:17:12

It was really good of you to come back and update us. Sorry it didn’t end as you hoped, but wishing you luck in finding the right job soon. Let us know how you get on!

Knittingnovice Sun 31-Oct-21 08:26:59

4 years Puzzled, I'd be a nervous wreck. I do believe something good will come out of this, just hope it's soon

Kim19 Sun 31-Oct-21 09:17:26

K, hat's off to you for coming back and telling us this. Thank you. I wish you well. I do read that the jobs market is active but, happily, have no need to put myself through that wringer any longer. Good luck.