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Problem turning off repeated message on Iphone from Provider

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NanKate Tue 05-Oct-21 11:05:21

Help required please.

I have an IOS Iphone and can access Voicemail messages. When message is finished I press 3 to delete as instructed but then I can't stop my Provider 3 keep repeating all the instructions. The only thing I can do is switch off the mobile and then restart it.

Anyone out there have the answer please ?

Azalea99 Sun 24-Oct-21 09:46:34

I don’t have an answer for you, but unless it was a typo I think you said that your provider is three. When I was with them there was an app called 3 and I could use that to contact them and ask for assistance. I’d imagine you could do the same if you have any other provider. Either that, or go in to the shop. Good luck.

Blossoming Sun 24-Oct-21 10:12:47

Only just seen this NanKate. You should be able to just end the call without turning off your phone.