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Any exercise plans for the day?

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Riverwalk Wed 13-Oct-21 08:05:11

It's very dull and gloomy outside but I must get up from this chair and head outdoors.

I'll be wearing my new Skechers but they're always so comfortable from day one that they don't need breaking-in.

River Thames here I come!

BigBertha1 Wed 13-Oct-21 08:28:56

Oooh lovely a walk by the Thames. I am go0ing to try to walk a little down the road today. I can do it with a stick but I will try without. My left leg wont weight bear yet but physio yesterday was good so I am hoping for progress every day.

Scones Wed 13-Oct-21 08:52:47

I love a riverwalk Riverwalk. Enjoy it!!

I'm going to walk my dog around the park..she's 11 so it's more of a slow, creaky puff around the park. Then I'm going to ride my bike down to the sea for a swim. All downhill there so I don't even need to peddle. Uphill all the way back to warm me up ....the water seems colder every day.

This afternoon I'm gardening. I should sleep well tonight!!

GrannyGravy13 Wed 13-Oct-21 08:56:50

Off to a Callanetics class, which I really enjoy.

Nannytopsy Wed 13-Oct-21 08:59:20

Gardening. Bulbs to plant, so plenty of bending and stretching!

Hetty58 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:01:52

Scones, same here with the dog walk. I don't have to make any plans - just know I'm going (probably twice) every day - unless there's a persistent downpour - she doesn't 'do' rain. Two little brown eyes will be in my face until I do!

She's 13, but, being a JRT, shows no signs of slowing down any time soon!

Kim19 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:05:58

Going for lovely lunch so I guess it will be simply jaw and elbow exercises today. Catchup tomorrow??!

love0c Wed 13-Oct-21 09:09:31

In Cornwall, so a day or surfing for me. smile

Calendargirl Wed 13-Oct-21 09:11:59

Aquacise later.

Scones Wed 13-Oct-21 09:14:24

Hetty58 My wee dog is an unrecognisable mix up of too many breeds to tell but there's definitely some JRT in there and she hates rain too. If it's raining I walk around the park getting wet whilst she hides under a bench looking fed up.

AGAA4 Wed 13-Oct-21 09:17:46

Just waiting for the rain to clear then boots on and out for my usual one or two hours of hiking round the lovely Welsh countryside.

aggie Wed 13-Oct-21 09:18:01

No !

Grannmarie Wed 13-Oct-21 09:19:35

Lunchtime walk🚶‍♀️ 🚶‍♂️and chat with dear friend in our local park.

Grannmarie Wed 13-Oct-21 09:21:05

Not sure where those extra emojis came from, should have previewed, sorry!
Enjoy whatever exercise you choose today!

Sago Wed 13-Oct-21 09:21:36

A tough gym session to compensate for last evenings Lamb Pasanda, Chicken Korma, papadums,bhajis,rice chutneys and then the grand finale of mango and passion fruit little moons.

Oh did I mention the Pinot Gris?

I may be some time.

Witzend Wed 13-Oct-21 09:28:11

Only the usual round-the-block walk - about 40 minutes.

And I might just remember to do the sofa exercise, of getting up from it 10 times in a row, no hands allowed.

Jaxjacky Wed 13-Oct-21 09:41:05

On the phones today for the voluntary work I do, but I’ll escape for a round the block stretch.

Mollygo Wed 13-Oct-21 09:41:40

Early swim, walk the dog, work this afternoon, choir tonight-collapse in bed ready for tomorrow. That’s quite enough exercise.

grandMattie Wed 13-Oct-21 09:48:29

We do a two mile walk on the walls of our little town every morning.
Before that, on getting up, we practice twenty minutes of Xi Gung. It keeps us supple. I hate exercise but tolerate these! 😒

Riverwalk Wed 13-Oct-21 10:39:28


In Cornwall, so a day or surfing for me. smile

Surfing? I'm very impressed!

Later on have my jazz dance class, which I'm not very good at, but do my best - can't seem to do the hand movements and feet at the same time smile 👯‍♂️

The grey and gloom has given way to sunshine, for now anyway sunshine

M0nica Wed 13-Oct-21 17:02:09

Painting the ceiling of our new utility room. Gardening: picking crab apples. Both activities involve a lot of bending and stretching. Also weeding, pushing a hoe and then picking up all the weeds. Three hours in total.

Cabbie21 Wed 13-Oct-21 17:14:22

Like Jaxjacky, I have been WFH on the phone, then typing up, but managed a quick walk round the block whilst my Lateral Flow test was cooking, ready for choir tonight. Singing is great exercise.

foxie48 Wed 13-Oct-21 18:08:14

Missed this but I was out fairly early to have a dressage lesson on the horse I am sharing whilst my own is "off games". I thoroughly enjoyed it, he's a big horse but takes care of me and has some cool moves if I press the right buttons! I did some gardening after lunch, sorting out the containers in the courtyard and putting in the spring bulbs. I did a spot of art after that (mainly turning bright pastels into the colour of mud, not my best effort) then took Stanley (border terrier) for a quick trot round the block, OH took him for his long walk this AM. ATM I am thinking about making a start on supper. I love being busy but just wish I had more energy, I have definitely less reserves now I'm into my 70's.

Kali2 Wed 13-Oct-21 18:16:31

As long as the weather is nice, my exercise plan is gardening (including lifting all sorts, pushing a wheel barrow full of horse poo I've 'picked', etc, and walking up and down the countryside in uneven terrain, watching wildlife and foraging.

'Exercise' will start when bad weather comes in- but when good snow comes, it will be snow-shoeing, cross country skiing, downhille skiing, and perhaps back to my ice-skates now new knees have settled down. And swimming. That will do. Hitting 70 won't stop me.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 14-Oct-21 16:09:03

Sit up in bed, stretch arms. Get out of bed. That’s it today