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Can’t believe time wasting!

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ninathenana Thu 04-Nov-21 14:54:08

I have always found that using the oil for a week or so is enough to clear mine.

DiamondLily Thu 04-Nov-21 14:49:47

My husband had to go to Specsavers, which cost us £80, for both ears. We had to put oil in for 2 weeks, before the appointment.

I don’t know why surgeries stopped doing them.

M0nica Thu 04-Nov-21 14:47:44

There has been a pandemic over the last two years and as a result routine surgery had to be postponed causing a backlog of people awaiting surgery because so many critically ill people needed life-saving treatment.

This is why, at the moment, you cannot just turn up at local hospital and have it done. With time things will return to normal.

ElaineI Thu 04-Nov-21 14:46:15

Had to take my Mum to another surgery who seem to do it for lots of Practices. Had to phone and book then do the oil for 2 weeks. Wasn't allowed in with her despite being frail and blind. Dour nurse who never said much.
I retired 3 years ago and this was what I did in my treatment room at least 3 a day (other things too). The nurse that replaced me had not been trained to do it and there was no training the NHS would provide. It is so sad. All my patients had a good blether with and over the years got to know them and all about their families really well. Now that seems to have vanished. DH had to pay and go to a different town despite hearing problem being partly due to his stroke. It was worth it though but many people could probably not afford it.

Newquay Thu 04-Nov-21 12:37:56

That’s what I’ve had to do too-wonder why surgeries thought it reasonable to stop this?

lemsip Thu 04-Nov-21 11:51:06

my surgery doesn't do ear syringing/suctioning anymore we have to go private on the high street. a few opticians do it for £60, Boots and Specsavers in my town.

Newquay Thu 04-Nov-21 11:46:59

I need an ear suctioning cos it’s blocked with wax. I used to be able to make an appointment with the surgery nurse-took a few days. Now had to be referred somewhere else-when I chased them recently after about a month was told I’m now on their waiting list-12 weeks!
DH needs a knee x-ray. Spoke to surgery, GP authorised it 12/10. Rang hospital number they gave us to be told he’s on a list too-another 12 weeks and it might not be at our local hospital. Before the GP would have given you a form and you just turned up at local hospital and had it done.
Can’t believe how complicated it all is!!