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Help from Australian Grans please

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ElaineI Fri 05-Nov-21 13:19:28

There is a toddler's TV programme on CBeebies (children's BBC) in the UK called Bluey. It is watched by toddlers and under 5's and is produced in Australia.

My sister-in-law lives in Australia and has been asked to buy a "Bluey's Home" for her granddaughter in Australia who is 10. SiL sometimes gets things wrong. Is this programme popular with girls of 10 or so in Australia as I don't really understand why the 10 year old would want one?
My 3yo DGS2 watches it and I don't see why it would be popular with anyone over 4 really.

MiniMoon Fri 05-Nov-21 14:14:54

I hadn't heard of this, my grandchildren are all too old for CBeebies.
I looked it up. That house and little family figures look way too old for a 10 year old. Your sister in law must have it wrong, surely.

MiniMoon Fri 05-Nov-21 14:16:10

Apologies, way too young for a 10 year old!

Lucca Fri 05-Nov-21 15:14:22

My four and six year olds watch it….

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 15:18:10

I do know a couple of 12 year olds who still like playing with Sylvanian families but I would have thought that yes, too young for a 10 year old.
I'm discussing birthday present ideas with a nearly 10 year old soon so I could ask for an opinion.

ElaineI Fri 05-Nov-21 15:19:22

That's what I'm thinking. Just wondered if it was a "thing" for Australian young girls.

MerylStreep Fri 05-Nov-21 15:23:49

I’d have got the eye roll if I’d given that to my granddaughter at 10yrs old.

felice Fri 05-Nov-21 15:32:40

My DGs watched this age 3/4, not 10, but it depends on the the child, perhaps this would be fine. After all Children all develop at different ages, and there may be problems.

nexus63 Fri 05-Nov-21 15:50:59

the show is aimed at 5-7 year olds, the bluey house is just another version of a dolls house but for bluey who is a dog, you get the toys at places like argos and amazon,, they have the bluey soft toys etc. i never liked dolls or barbies but i had a lovely farm house with all the farm animals. not every girl likes dolls so maybe the 10 year old just prefers dogs. put it into google and you will see the items.

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 16:31:34

I presume, being an Australian dog, Bluey is red?

Please don't tell me he's blue!

Visgir1 Fri 05-Nov-21 19:42:51

It's Blue

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 19:53:20

Oh, he's a Blue Heeler.

I might watch it, it's set in Brisbane 😁

VioletSky Fri 05-Nov-21 19:58:13

Why doesn't she just check with mum?

Then if the answer is the same, just get this little girl what she wants for Christmas... Doesn't matter how old she is if she likes it

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 20:04:42

Doesn't matter how old she is if she likes it

Yes, I agree. She may live in Brisbane, may have a dog, may identify with Bluey in some way.

Best to check.

ElaineI Fri 05-Nov-21 22:57:08

Calistemon I think it might be a she from the sites that sell the toys.
MerylStreep she often does get the eye roll and yes VioletSky she should check with Mum. Parents have recently separated so could be a mistake/regression? SiL is father's Mum. Doesn't really matter but don't want her to end up feeling bad for getting wrong thing.

Calistemon Fri 05-Nov-21 23:00:46

Boys seem to like these toys too, from looking at the reviews (I must be bored 😁)
I think, even if she liked it now, she'll outgrow it very soon.

Meanwhile, I might watch it on CBeebies!!