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Nana56 Tue 21-Dec-21 13:43:13

My husband was in hospital beginning of Dec for blocked bowel caused by adhesions.
He had a CT scan which showed narrowing if small intestine which us likely to be the cause.
He's now got a follow up appointment and an appointment for a MRI scan.
He's never hadvghusvon prior blockages.
Do you think he's just getting better follow up treatment? I'm worried there is something we're not being told.
Obviously my mind is working overtime and I'm imagining tumours etc.
Surely he woukd have been told when he was in hospital if this was the case. He had a CT scan
Maybe they're looking for inflammatory disease or do adhesions show on MRI scans.
Thank you all in advance

Elegran Tue 21-Dec-21 14:45:37

They will have told you everything that they know - doctors don't keep things from patients these days. As you say, he would probably have been told if they are looking for tumours. If they say adhesions, then adhesions are what they expect to find.
MRI scans are not just done for suspected tumours, they show details of soft tissue well, so they will show a surgeon the area on which he could be operating. I don't know whether adhesions will be clearer on an MRI than on a CT scan, but it is always a good thing to get a different kind of picture.
If you are worried about what they may also find in further investigations, then you need to contact the unit directly and ask them your questions. They are used to patients and relatives talking to them about their diagnosis and treatment.