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Combined Washer driers

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MrsHappy Tue 18-Jan-22 19:17:40

I am redoing my kitchen (after 36 years!). I am having lots of fun looking at various possibilities. To gain extra space I have been looking at combined washer/driers. My washing machine has to be in the kitchen. There is only my husband and me at home so machine is only used about twice a week. Does anyone have any experience of them, good or bad?

Sago Tue 18-Jan-22 19:20:50

I have one at a holiday let we have, it does neither job properly.

Grandmabatty Tue 18-Jan-22 19:22:56

I have one because of lack of space. It's adequate. I live alone so I tend to use the dryer part for sheets and towels. I rarely dry clothes with it. It doesn't have the range of options for wash but it wasn't an expensive one. It suits me

Farmor15 Tue 18-Jan-22 19:30:34

I've always had one (on 3rd now after 40 years) but never used dryer much, so didn't feel the need for dedicated dryer. Handy when occasionally needing something in a hurry. One I have now is a Miele, but daughter has one which is useless! So it depends on make and model.

Shrub Tue 18-Jan-22 19:30:46

I have a Siemens wash&dry. I rarely use it for drying but it washes well, no problem. I’ve only used the dryer to finish towels as I have no airing cupboard. I’m not sure it’s available now though.

ValerieF Tue 18-Jan-22 19:46:03

I didn’t like mine tbh. I didn’t like waiting for washing to be done before I could dry it. Of course does depend on how much washing you have. There are only 2 of us now too but I still felt on days I was doing say bedding as well as clothes, it held me up waiting for washing to finish and my washer/drier didn’t seem to dry as fast as a stand alone dryer. I changed to both and am much happier. But Jmo

Dollygloss Tue 18-Jan-22 20:02:08

Mine, an Electrolux washer dryer, is a waste of money. The clothes come out creased because of the cool down time lock timer. With my old dryer I was able to open the door and fold the clothes while still warm. Dry and ironed in one!

Kamiso Tue 18-Jan-22 20:09:29

We had a washer/dryer in our last house which was quite straightforward though I mainly dried outdoors whenever possible.

I wanted a faster spin so we bought a new Hotpoint Digital Motion Technology washer/dryer when we moved.

Unfortunately it seems incredibly complicated to programme. It washes well but if I just want to spin or just dry it becomes very hard to work out the instructions. The programmes are all much longer as well.

Coastpath Tue 18-Jan-22 20:09:32

I have one and am very happy with it. Just the two of us and we only use the dryer for large things like sheets when it's too wet to line dry. It's a cheap one (Blomberg) and it does exactly what I bought it for with no problem.

Coastpath Tue 18-Jan-22 20:11:22

We bought the Hotpoint Digital Motion Technology washer/dryer first - it was so very complicated I was delighted when it broke down within the first month and had to be returned. The lady in the shop recommended the replacement one I have now and she was spot on.

Nonogran Tue 18-Jan-22 20:13:09

I have one BUT I never use it to dry wet washing. Massively long winded & expensive/inefficient.
I put stuff on the airer, leave it overnight & if I need to put something put away & it’s still a bit damp I use the dryer facility to warm it through & “finish it off.” Typically a towel or duvet cover.
Mine washes well & came with my new kitchen. It’s a Prima brand but if you took the lid off it there could be Bosch or Miele parts in there. Just like computers & laptops, they can be branded with a name but have Del or Toshiba et al parts inside!
Pays yr penny, takes your choice! It’s a minefield.

Doodle Tue 18-Jan-22 20:19:10

In a word, don’t. I have had two. Neither worked well. The dryer takes ages and I’ve never found it satisfactory.
DH and I are on our own too and I have a heated rail dryer from Lakeland. Not very expensive but does the job of drying well for our needs,

Curlywhirly Tue 18-Jan-22 20:29:10

My son has recently bought one, it's an integrated Bosch and was quite expensive (£900 ish). It washes fine, but I'm not keen on the dryer (clothes were really creased; performs better if you only half fill the drum). My son dries his washing mostly using a maiden and only uses the dryer if he's desperate for something to be dried. I much prefer my freestanding drier.

Oldbat1 Tue 18-Jan-22 20:39:23

If you had the room definitely go for a separate washer and dryer. In my experience combination don’t work wonderfully well. I’ve heard such good reports about the Lakeland electric rail clothes airers I’m tempted to get one.

Doodledog Tue 18-Jan-22 20:41:40

I have one, and I love it. Mine is Siemens, and is the third one I've had in over 40 years. The first one was a wedding present, and chosen because the house we had then had a tiny kitchen an there was only room for an all-in-one machine, but I liked having the combination so much that when it gave up the ghost I got another, even though I had space for two separate machines. I loved being able to put clothes in before leaving for work and coming back to them washed and dried.

Even now, I like that I can put washing in at night and get up to it ready to wear or fold and put away. I wouldn't get two separate machines, although when the children were at home I would have quite liked a separate tumble drier as well as the combination one, so I could have been washing a second load when the first was drying.

Lincslass Tue 18-Jan-22 20:46:21

I have one, an Indesit, it has been with me for 10 years, travelled once, and back home, still works brilliantly. Drys well too if I dont overload it.

LadyStardust Tue 18-Jan-22 22:06:12

I had one several years ago and I wasn't that keen. I think it had rather a bad smell after a while! I don't think it was possible to dry a larger load straight away, without taking some clothes out first The other day I watched someone use a dryer that was housed in a kind of garden storage box, outside her back door!

glammanana Wed 19-Jan-22 09:31:51

I had one a few years ago and was not impressed we bought it purely for the space, when it broke down we lost 2 x machines at once.We replaced it with a new washer only and used a heated dryer from Lakeland in stead.

MrsHappy Wed 19-Jan-22 09:55:53

Thank you all for your comments. Think I'll stick to my two machines and perhaps investigate stacking them. Wonder if you can do that.

Pinkarolina Wed 19-Jan-22 11:11:39

There was one in the house when we moved in. I had always been sceptical about the efficiency of washer/ dryers but I found this one is very good. I use it to dry towels and work clothes. It’s a Bosch

hazel93 Wed 19-Jan-22 11:21:59


Thank you all for your comments. Think I'll stick to my two machines and perhaps investigate stacking them. Wonder if you can do that.

I don't rate washer/ driers either.
Have stacked tumble drier above washing machine for years without a problem, that is assuming your drier is a condenser of course.
Hope that helps.

Elless Wed 19-Jan-22 11:30:39

Really can't understand all these negative experiences, I've always had one, I absolutely love my latest new one, it has wifi and recently when I had my foot in plaster my husband would put the washing in and I would control it from my ipad.

Grandmafrench Wed 19-Jan-22 15:02:12

Yes you can stack them. You need to have a proper stacking kit, though, and not consider just putting the dryer on top of the washing machine underneath. I know, 'duh!', but some people have done that! It would work very well then, except perhaps you may have a problem with emptying the drawer of water after each load (on a condenser dryer) because you might find it to be quite high (and awkward) to access.

A more expensive brand of condenser dryer means that you'd probably get excellent results siting it anywhere in the house. A vented one would be loads cheaper but needs the hose to be out through a window or vented through the wall.

A washer/dryer as so many have said - I'd say Nooooooo !
Biggest problem is that you can't use the washer and dryer at the same time, so if you have lots to do this wastes time. The dryer will not continued and dry a maximum load without a lengthy drying time, and then will likely be very creased since the washing hasn't been sorted and shaken out beforehand. It's recommended to remove quite a lot of the wet washing and dry it in smaller amounts so that it tumbles freely, less creasing and more even drying. I wouldn't want to trust any dryer to be running in my home if I wasn't there - but that's a personal choice. If you're going to buy a condenser dryer, get the best you can afford and - if it were me - I'd rather compromise on space than be driven mad by laundry problems, but your idea of stacking might be just the solution you need. Hope you'll be thrilled when your new kitchen is completed.