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GrandmaSeaDragon Thu 27-Jan-22 00:04:32

I have a Neff induction hob after cooking on gas for over 50 years. Absolutely love it, so easily to clean, I use Biomex from Lakeland. It does take time to get used to cooking with and you may need new pans but definitely recommend. I also managed to chip the first one by catching a pan rest on the very edge, the tiniest chip. DH checked with the kitchen installer who said that as soon as they sustained any damage, they should be replaced. It doesn’t happen often and we were able to claim on our insurance so please don’t let that put you off!

mokryna Wed 26-Jan-22 23:33:04

I had my first glass hob for 15 years, until one of my DDs put down, rather heavily, a cooking pot on it. It was very quick and easy for it to be replaced. Just don’t let grumpy people cook.

grannyqueenie Wed 26-Jan-22 23:00:48

Having battled for years to keep my gas hob clean, I’m really enjoying my sleek new induction hob. I still struggle at times to control the temperature but all in all l’m enjoying not having to clean all those nooks and crannies!

LadyGracie Wed 26-Jan-22 22:54:09

I've got an induction AEG hob, it's so easy to clean, so shiny and perfect.

SpringyChicken Wed 26-Jan-22 22:51:29

Induction hobs are the way to go. The glass doesn't discolour (they are usually black) and cleaning is easy. The glass does't become hot enough for food to burn on. I use simple kitchen cream cleaner and buff afterwards with a dry microfibre cloth. They are quicker than gas and for really messy cooking, you can (if you want) even put a sheet of newspaper over the hob and stand the pan on top. The pan heats up as normal and the paper doesn't burn.

Nonogran Wed 26-Jan-22 22:38:53

I had a ceramic hob, same one, for 20 years. Kept it clean with Hob Bright or other non scratch cleaners occasionally and it stayed scratch free & shiny. I took care of it with a wipe over every time I used it.
The only thing to take care about is sugar spilling onto the hot surface. It can be challenging to remove if you don’t do so quickly.
I’ve now got a gas hob because we like an occasional stir fry’s & my ceramic hob was not great for that method of cooking.

CanadianGran Wed 26-Jan-22 21:11:08

I quite like my glass-top electric stove, but be aware that heavier pots can scratch it. If you use cast iron, you may want to get lighter pots. They are easy to clean, but take longer than gas to heat up.

My friend has a flat induction stove that she loves. It did require getting the right pots because of the heating process. i believe induction is faster than regular electric.

MiniMoon Wed 26-Jan-22 21:09:36

I have an induction hob, and I can highly recommend them. It is so easy to clean just give it a wipe over. If anything is splashed on to it, I use a non scratch cream cleaner.
I did drop a tin of syrup on the edge of it and chipped it, but you wouldn't notice if I didn't point it out.

Ro60 Wed 26-Jan-22 20:36:44

My Zanussi flat hob is 6 years old and still imaculate. I clean it with hob-brite'
Maybe they've changed the way they're manufactured - my daughter inherited hers when she moved house & it could be 15-20 years old (based on the kitchen design)

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 26-Jan-22 20:35:34

Just clean it regularly so that nothing burns onto it and it will be fine.

tanith Wed 26-Jan-22 20:33:15

I’ve had an electric hob for 10+ yrs ok it’s a bit worn now but it’s not discoloured a few scratches but that’s because it’s been well used for a long time it still looks ok when it’s clean and shining.

MrsHappy Wed 26-Jan-22 20:27:25

I have asked previously for help designing my new kitchen and I now have another question that I would be grateful for your opinion and experience.
I currently have a gas cooker and HATE cleaning the hob. I was thinking of incorporating a flat electric hob, the sort that are flat to the work surface and you wipe clean. However, a couple of friends have said this type of hob discolours and marks easily. What do you all think?